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Out of Ammo on Jobs, Economy

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  1. Obama has plenty of ammo left, don’t be fooled. That is a common ploy used by people for hundreds of years. It’s called “playing possum”. It comes from the defence mechanisms that some animals have where they play “dead” to throw the preditor off and give the “dead” animal a chance to get away when the predetor stops attacking it. Obama and company may be playing “dead”, that there is nothing more they can do to hurt us, so they are stopping. No, they are no where near stopping. He has plenty of Presidential Directives left to put on us. Obama has plenty of tricks left up his sleeve. Remember what he believes about the Constitution. He believes that it is a document of “negative rights” for what the government can do for and to you. Well, we have plenty of rights left that he can take from us.

    I thought he wasn’t going to violate Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals when he got into office. I didn’t realize that he was going to ignore the “rule” that says you don’t take on big things that are near to the heart of the people unless you are in a position to take the right away then and there. Well, he is near that, but not quite. But he has stepped on rights and big issues that he wasn’t supposed to take on according to Saul. Obama is violating his own “rules” . He wasn’t supposed to have taken on our health care because he wasn’t in any position to take down the major insurance companies yet. And I’ve heard from Harry Reid of all people where he admitted to some people that ObamaCare wasn’t supposed to become law. All he wanted to show the Republican’s was that he could get 60 votes if he needed them. But I think it was Pelosi who wanted it to become law right now regardless of who it was that didn’t. She was the one who was sooooo happy about signing ObamaCare into law that she went across the street to get the “big” gavel to pound the bill into law!!

    She couldn’t wait to swing that hammer, and they’ve still got that big hammer. Democrats are going to have to be removed completely if we are going to get anything done.

  2. And early in the Obama administration we heard something about some little tiny tax cut to the tune of $13.00 a week, or month, or what? I never did get it clear as to what Obama was giving the American worker. Was it thirteen dollars a month or what? But I did hear people ALL saying the same thing that Obama’s idea of a tax cut was nothing. Gasoline was beginning to go up some and I heard people say that this tax cut was going to be sucked up by having to spend it on gasoline. But then I never did hear that this tax cut became law. So I don’t know if people ever saw a real tax cut come out of Obama. I heard alot of talk about his idea of tax cuts, but then I heard that he wanted the Bush tax cuts eliminated. And Nancy Pelosi tell a reporter what allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. She told the reporter, and many of you will remember this, the reporter asked her if allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire was a tax increase. She said, “No. What it is, is the elimination of tax reduction.” See how Socialist use language to change the meaning of words that we are all familiar with and know what those things mean, but Socialist refuse to use those words, because they know you will know what they are up to. So Socialist use words and sentence structure to change the meaning of common words. Like instead of “tax increase”, they use words like “investment”. And when they are talking about the government looseing money from tax money not coming in would be a tax reduction or some crap.

    In other words it’s all language that can mean tax or expence, investment or reduction, tax cut, and tax break. They say things like “tax allowance”, and I’m not even sure what that means, but it doesn’t matter because it all means the same thing, and that is the government isn’t getting as much in from your income being taken in before you get your check at work. But what they don’t want American’s who support Democrats is that tax cuts mean more money being paid by consumers also means more excise tax(sales tax) being paid into the government by people buying more things for themselves.

    But one thing we have to remember is that Obama believes that we shouldn’t be living as well as we do, when like he says people in other country’s aren’t living as well as we do, and that they don’t like the fact that they can’t and we are, is what Obama tells us. Like we shouldn’t decide to live comfortablely when we know there are people in the Middle East without air conditioning. And we shouldn’t decide to go eat at McDonalds when ever we want to when we know that there are babies and little children starving to death in Somalia and elsewhere in Africa. Like we aren’t suppose to go eat a good supper at some nice resturant when there are starving children in China. I can remember my grandmother telling me to eat all my food because there were “starving people in China”. That’s all I heard. The starving kids in China, etc, etc, etc.

    When can we eat? When can we wear nice shoes because there are children in Europe who are to poor and can’t afford to buy shoes. When can we turn our air condition on when it’s 109 outside in the middle of August and we are melting when we know that there are children in Libiya and it’s 120. Like I’m supposed to feel lucky that it’s not 120 here and I should feel fortunate that it’s 109? And I’m to leave the air off, right? Forget that!! I pay that bill and I’m going to be cool in the Summer, and warm in the Winter, and I really don’t care what is happening in other people’s country. And i believe that most American’s believe the same way I do. And that is exactly what Obama says is wrong with American’s. Really ? Really? Well, screw you Obama!!!