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I Fought For You

Indeed, people sure have short memories.

This is a video that every American should see, no matter what their age.

To every man and woman who has fought for my freedoms, you have sacrificed so much so that I might be free. I salute you! Without you, your sacrifice, and the sacrifice of your family, I would not be blessed with the freedoms I have. May God bless you and keep you!

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  1. Ahaa, its pleasant dialogue concerning this
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  2. yay propaganda

    • prop·a·gan·da   [prop-uh-gan-duh] Show IPA
      1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

      Yes… yes indeed- the TRUTH is DELIBERATELY spread widely to help……. hmmmm… this is where I have to stop. WHO is being harmed? YOUR FREEDOM has been paid for by the blood and lives of MANY people. Seems to me THEY were the ones harmed. Yet, I can just about GUARANTEE that EVERY SINGLE ONE of these men and women who have given their lives or time will say it was worth it. Hey…. they BOUGHT your freedom to call their SACRIFICE propaganda!

      • You cherry-picked that definition. The intent to harm is not required for propaganda. Learn English, then talk.

        • Ahhhh yes, once again, a liberal who can’t stand the fact that they’ve been caught in the web of their own delusional, one-sided world.

          I use dictionary.com most frequently when I write an article, and need a definition. If you take a look at this link: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/propaganda you will see that the definition I posted is the VERY FIRST definition. And you call that cherry-picking. Ok, sure….continue living in your delusional world all you want.

          I will have to concede one thing- it IS propaganda to honor and remember the SACRIFICE of these men and women over the last 235 plus years. It’s INFORMATION, as the definition states. It’s obvious by your sarcastic tone you do not hold our military in the same regards I do. I pity you.

          • First off jack***, I’m not a liberal. Second, you sure as **** did cherry-pick it. Anyone with any understanding of language knows that a dictionary is not a code book.

            Propaganda can, and OFTEN is positive. Look at the history of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda

            Get educated or shut up.

        • Well, no need to be rude, you misread the definition. It does not say that it need harm a group or person it says:

          “information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to HELP OR HARM a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.”

          oh, and refuting an online dictionary with an online, user-maintained encyclopedia is priceless.

    • obviousman, try being obvious for a moment and explain your original comment… “yay propaganda”

      Tell me, is this different from say, Hitler’s propaganda that shielded the murder of Jews. Or how about this one… is it different from Imperial Japan staging a railroad disaster in Manchuria during the 1930’s to fuel the slaughter of Chinese?

      I await your thoughtful response.

      • “is this different from say, Hitler’s propaganda that shielded the murder of Jews.”


        “Or how about this one… is it different from Imperial Japan staging a railroad disaster in Manchuria during the 1930′s to fuel the slaughter of Chinese?”

        It actually has some similarities. The problem with this video is that it sets up a straw man situation where we are supposed to believe that modern children have no respect for the sacrifices that their elders put forth so they can have their iPods and cell phones. Where did this come from? Is even based on fact? No, it is based on a minority perception.

        The purpose of this video is to pull at the heart strings of anyone watching and guilt them into deifying military personnel. How does it do this? By flashing back to the good ol’ days of WWII when wars meant something, and more importantly, there was a DRAFT.

        When we have a 100% volunteer military, you cannot reasonably expect people to truly feel the same way about the military that they did in WWII. Every single person in the military chose to be there. And, here is where the controversy lies: MOST of them did not choose to be in the modern military for the altruistic reasons that this video purports.

        This video is clearly propaganda. Is it’s intent to harm? No. However, it can have harmful effects. The largest of which is that if its message that the military is good, deserving of worship, and should not be questioned is taken to heart, accountability may be lost. While this may not be its intended effect, it nevertheless is the underlying message, and it is foolish to think that it won’t have that effect.

        It is a video built on fallacy, meant to appeal to emotion and spread a message that promotes military deification. Clear propaganda.

        • So you believe this video has similarities to the Japanese treatment of the Chinese? Using a strawman analogy?

          I’m wondering if we saw the same video. I didn’t see any “children (with) no respect for the sacrifices that their elders put forth so they can have their iPods and cell phones.” What is so disrespectful about kids with gadgets plugged into their ears? What I saw a veteran taking his grandkids to see the contributions his generation made so they could enjoy those gadgets. Most interesting was the grandpa didn’t tell his grandkids to remove the devices from their ears, they did it on their own. I also saw a grandpa who wanted his grandkids to know the truth about war. As opposed to the lies spun by Imperial Japan. Have you ever been to Japan? Even to this day they forbid teaching their children about the rape of Nanking, and their attack on Pearl Harbor.

          “The purpose of this video is to pull at the heart strings of anyone watching and guilt them into deifying military personnel.” Really?

          If that is a thoughtful response, I don’t see it.

  3. “All gave some, some gave all.”

    My uncle was killed by the germans at Anzio Beachead, Italy, February 1944. He was a 1st Lt. with the F.S.S.F..
    He left behind a pregnant wife who gave birth to a son, who grew up to be one of the nations most highly regarded cardiac surgeons. His wife never remarried.

    My father served as career army, a triple vet of three wars, WW II, Korea, Vietnam. He retired a Lt Col, threw his uniforms away with his medals after being spit on by war protesters upon his return from Vietnam. He never spoke of the war, but when the TV movie “friendly fire” aired in 1979, he got very angry over it. Friendly fire happened, and for him to see hollywood politicize it really burned him up. “Not all friendly fire was by accident,” I remember him saying.

    I too served, making the navy a 25 year career. My best day in uniform was performing the airborne ordnance Quality Assurance inspections onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise during Operation Praying Mantis, ordered by President Ronald Reagan, which sank the Iranian navy and restored freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf, after the U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts struck an Iranian mine. Reagan’s response was fast and furious. There wasn’t a cruise missile attack (democrats love them), Reagan sent the Navy to kick butt, and we did.

    Now my son is a U.S. Marine. Deploys to Afghanistan this year. And my daughter in serving in the Army Reserves.

    God be with all those who serve, all those who have served, and all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.