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House Version of Reid’s Debt Bill Fails House 173-246

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  1. I believe that the House conservatives will kill the Senate bill that is under vote because they are not going to allow any cuts in the military since Obama had already told Gates to cut the military by ten percent, and I think Gates ordered more cuts before he left.

    It’s a given that Marxist in our government want our military destroyed because they are actually the only real credible threat to the government. And the reason why is, the military can take the government over and arrest all kinds of people until an interim government can be put in place. This is actually the right according to our Constitution given to the citizens of America in order to protect the nation from being taken over by a corrupt and out of control government, kinda like it is now. America being under a fascist police state more or less, is very, very near coming under the Constitutional trigger for takeover. People like Reid and Obama and Pelosi would be arrested immediately, Biden to. The regime that is what is out of control would be shut down in order to save the country from going into revolution. Sorta like what Honduras did. That was some very correct action taken by the military commanders to avert a constitutional crisis by forcing a collapse from the top down by the former President not stepping down and using the support he may have had in the military to protect his possition. But the former President didn’t have any support in the military and that is who removed him so the newly elected government could take office.

    The military is a credible threat to the Marxist who are controling our government. We need to protect the military at all cost. They are the only thing standing between us and the Marxist.