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Democrats Dumb Things Down Better Than Republicans

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  1. I think the Democrats and the Republicians that is voting on this cut of medicare medicad and social security is in the wrong. The democrats and republicans need to leave the middle class and disabled alone . This is our only way of living. It’s not fair and it’s not right. It needs to come out of your pockets for once.

    • As mentioned in the article, cut, cap and balance has three separate clauses that specifically protect Medicare. There is a full text version of the bill on the site if you question the validity of my statement.

      Harry Reid and the Democrats have outright lied to you.

      We are broke. it won’t be long now until instead of cuts, those programs will become unfunded once we run out of borrowed money.

      • Rich, of courtse you are correct and accurate in detail. That is the problem! The Republicn Party leadership of BOTH houses of Congress appear to be intellectually impotent by being unable to discern that THEY, with the greatest of consistency, CANNOT and HAVE NOT been able to communicate simple political truths TO THE VOTING PUBLIC to disarm the lying, deceitful demonRATs.

        That failure to lead and their collective GROSS incompetence only hastens the demise of this once great nation. What fools!

      • What do you propose we do for our elderly? Remember, one day you’ll be old and need Medicare and Social Security. When you get a certain age, you can’t work. You’re just too old, and most middle class families are barely getting by themselves and can’t afford to support their parents. If the families can’t support their elderly, and the elderly can’t support themselves, then what do you propose we do? I propose we raise taxes on billionaires. All they do with that money is throw it to corrupted politicians as bribes so they can accumulate more wealth. If they have money to lobby the politicians, they got extra money to pay in taxes. That’s the way I look at it.

    • I think YOU “is” in the wrong and have no conception of what is going on. The “your pockets” you say you want it to come out of would be whose pockets? If you mean the Wall Street millionaires/billionaires I do not think that you’ll find them posting here. You will find middle-class American working folks who understand that society has an obligation to those less fortunate and who through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN have slipped through the safety net of law. That; however, does not freely translate to an obligation for the working people to support the indolent parasites of society who have been encouraged by demonRATic political handouts to make of them GENERATIONAL PARASITES SUCKLING AT THE TEAT OF GOVERNMENT LARGESS. WE…who produce that milk of nourishment have said loud and clear….ENOUGH.

      You apparently are a by-product of our flawed progressive educational system, because your comment balanced against the FACTS stated in the topic post are rendered incorrect and irrelevant.

      I trust I’ve made myself abundantly clear.

  2. Democrats are better at all these things because they’ve had the Communists helping them for decades on how to speak in generalities, obsuring facts, and planting doubt because those are the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals and teaching from the Communist Manifesto. That’s what the Republican Party needs to pick up on instead of relying on truth and honesty. See, this world has turned completely evil. We are at a point in God’s plan to turn this world upside down. We are nearing the end of the end of times and this is the sort of things that are going to be going on, like evil taking over where people can’t understand why and how that’s happening when people can see the plain truth right before their eyes. But that ‘s what is going on and that is we are going to have to fight evil in actuality, not just in ideology like it used to be. See, we’ve run out of time to fool around and now it’s for real. Why else do you think someone like a Obama could get elected to this country. Some would believe that it’s impossible that somebody like Obama could have been elected, that he must be the anti-Christ or something. Well, he may not be the anti-Christ, but listen to this, he is the person who is preparing this nation for the coming of the anti-Christ. We are going to have to be beaten down, severly weakened, have our way of life ripped out from underneith us, and the most hardship that this generation has ever had to deal with. And at the same time he is going to throw every kind of destructive race at us, cause our nation to be attacked with a real enemy right here in our own nation. He is Satan’s man who talks what some hear as the truth, but he lies every time he opens his mouth. He is a lie, as taught by the creator of the lie, Satan himself. Obama has no allegence to this or any other country. He is a lie, he is the son of a lie, his ideology is the lie, and his very existance is a lie since no one can tell you anything about him, but those who are the lie along with him serve him. He is the lie. His followers are a lie themselves, and lie because they love the lie. He is the lie.

    • Pardon me Will, but you’ve buried your head deeply into sinking biblical sands that you misintepret. “HE’ helps those who helps themselves…would be a good general guide to follow. There will be no “end times” unless We the People enable such. Get it! Stating something…, anything…DOESN’T make it so, only the collective action or inaction of Man does accomplish that.

  3. Everything being done now is strategy by the demonRATs and their Great Leader to shift blame away from Obama. Wallace and the media talking-heads run right past the crux of the issue now and allow themselves to be suckered into predictable topic exchanges that mean little.

    For me the strategy, primarily Obama’s if you believe as I do, is that bringing this system down without being directly blamed is the primary goal. He wants to play this game of chicken, because he knows what will happen when the deadline approaches and nothing is done. Our credit rating will be dropped from Triple A to Double A or worse. That’s the real ticking time-bomb. That, should it happen, takes it all out of the politicians’ hands and will enable Helicopter Benny Bernanke to ride to the rescue with another Fed rectal suppository plan to keep interest rates artificially low by printing more money to sh*t around. That very predictable reaction goes to directly continuing the fall in value of the dollar in all money markets and makes all international banking interests very nervous. Bernanke’s response will be that he had to do it to prevent runaway inflation.

    My take is that there are enough highly placed Republicans such as Mr. Cantor and others who know this to be a fact, so they’ll be forced into a last hour compromise for a say…six month extension of the debt ceiling and a compromise acceptance by Boehner of a gratuitously weak concession on spending by the demonRATs that will be accepted. The taxing the rich issue is a red herring for Obama to play with and offer up as a big concession to the Repubs. That’s the mai reason he makes so much consistent noise about it. To fool you into thinking it’s a main issue for him. He, at any time, can use regulations/directives by assorted cabinet functionaries of the Executive Branch (such as the EPA, H&HS, etc.) to quietly impose more assessemnts, surcharges, penalties, etcetera (all really tax revenue) where he wants it. Maybe almost enough to pay the one year interest on the debt…, but don’t bet on it. Think chess, not checkers!

    Ignored by the intellectually distracted talking-heads is the ticking time-bomb of ObamaCare. Did you know that the medical inflation rate is expected to be 8.5% for 2012.(1) True! I expect it to be the next panic crisis for Obama to use leading up to the NOvember 2012 election.
    If you like your medical insurance you don’t want ObamaCare kicking in.
    If you are already having trouble affording your medical insurance you don’t want ObamaCare kicking in.
    If you like medical freedom of choice you don’t want ObamaCare kicking in.
    If you don’t want clinic care by RNs, PAs and maybe an NP or two you don’t want ObamaCare kicking in.
    If you don’t want rationed health care you don’t want ObamaCare kicking in.
    Parts of Obamacare are already being implemented. There is now in effect a tax on indoor suntanning. The maximum age a child can be carried on a parents insurance has been increased to 27. Uncertainty for the medical provider community will force higher costs, a statistic Obama will use to panic the populace…AGAIN. The people who pull the Oba-puppet strings have thought well ahead and SO MUST WE.

    The politicians are banking on one thing. Americans by a wide majority have little to no desire or interest in educating themselves to basic economics and so BOTH party leaders tremble in fear of voter retribution for perceived blame responsibility. The blame game is the bigtime musical chairs interlude of this chess match and none of the politicians will rise to the level of statesmen to act in the public trust and interest..

  4. “This is how Democrats intend to keep the spending faucet wide open – flat out lies. Class warfare, scare tactics on Medicare and other fabrications are all they have.” The really tragic thing is……….it’s working.