TIME Editor Calls Obama ‘A Dick’ On Live TV- MSNBC Suspends Him

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  • Mysteriously scrubbed from the internet? It took me less than ten seconds to find the whole exchange. You ask if he’s being honest in your little headline up there? Just call our president a n***er and get it over with he seems to be everything else. Lets see if this comment reaches your forum your partisan piece of s**t.

  • I find it hypocritical of the white house to comment on Halprin’s characterization of Obama as “inappropriate,” and remain silent over MSM’s repeated character assassinations of conservatives. Which clearly shows how lopsided the white house is in not defending ALL americans.

    But I digress. When the biggest fool is the president, they are only bidding his favors. Obama defines the tea party as “tea baggers,” refers to his own mother as “a typical white person,” and characterizes conservatives as “bitter people who cling to guns or religion.” Maybe the white house should call Obama out on his inappropriate conduct for a change.