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0 thoughts on “Texas Governor Rick Perry Listens

  1. Elizabeth

    One thing is for sure if this man runs for president then every African American better find another country I from New York and moved to Texas this is the most racist place you can live this man is part of the klan this whole state is set up to rob and kill and incarcerate African American if he wins the clock is getting turn back for sure.

    1. Allenah Manzanagrano (twitter: @FreedomsBlsings)

      WOW! Those are some mighty strong accusations there, Elizabeth! Rick Perry a member of klan? I would love to see your proof.of this! It’s so amazing how you liberals want to throw out the race card in any conversation where you disagree with someone. You might want to take a look at this:

      Texas is known for being one of the nicest places to live with some of the nicest people in the world! Given- we don’t take crap off of people! We believe in living and letting live. And I can assure you…. while there are racists here in Texas, just as there are in every state, every city, every town in the United States- there are PLENTY of people that do not look at the color of a person’s skin at all, but prefer to look at the content of the character of the person! Hmmmm…. seems like I’ve heard that this is the way it should be! OOOOHHHH yeah, I remember now! That was Martin Luther King, Jr. that said that is what should happen, remember?

      Another article you might find helpful since you seem to be so bent on throwing the race card around:

    2. Max

      Elizabeth is another liberal race baiter. People like her think that if they scream “racism” enough, it will become true. Funny thing is, if they focused on their OWN, the only KKK membership cards they will find are within the old-democrat party (I believe dead senator KKK Robert Byrd was amongst the last of them).

      If Elizabeth studied Texas history (something Progressives don’t do enough of) she would know that proud white men, like Crockett, stood beside proud mexicans, like Juan Antonio Badillo (one of several Tejano Patriots) dying in the name of Texas independence.

      While it is true Texas became a slave state, and eventually seceded from the union, it was the eastern cotton growing region of the state that democrats depended heavily on slavery. After the slaves were freed, it was democrats (again) who passed strict segregation laws and adopted white supremacy. Throughout the south, democrats enacted Jim Crow laws, forced segregation, and even required blacks to take a literacy exam in order to vote… (these democrats produced men like Senator Robert Byrd).

      The republicans in Texas never once sided with these racists democrats. And Governor Perry is a proud example of that.

    3. R. Mitchell

      Broad brush talking point statements unless you can back them up. How exactly is Texas setup to rob African Americans?

    4. Sonny

      and which politician said he wanted to make sure none of the stimulous went to white male construction workers?