Did President Obama Learn Anything While in Puerto Rico ?

By | June 15, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Did President Obama Learn Anything While in Puerto Rico ?

  1. Daniel

    Hi Max,

    Then they expanded Pigford to open the door for never-ending reperations fraud! Its over 2 plus billion now. S.King calls it Pigford2.

  2. Daniel

    Very well said Max, I should have elaborated as you did on the selling of their souls for permanent welfare poverty just to con them into voting for the Marxist in Chief. Some people will inform themselves to start on the path to personal responsibility and prosperity, and some are already hooked on government handouts and will live being miserable lives due to lack of self-respect!

    Thanks again for stoppin in and sharing your views and wisdom,


    1. Max

      Daniel, I apologize for the late reply. For some reason your replies aren’t pinging my email account.

      You stated what must be on everyone’s mind concerning Puerto Rico campaigning. It resonates in other areas as well, especially with an ever porous southern border.

      Pulling the welfare string a little bit further, we have seen the effects within the african-american community, where 95% voted for a black president (and somehow that isn’t racism). The tragedy with black america, as it pertains to welfare enslavement, is their leadership has sacrificed the civil war victory by shedding physical shackles for mental enslavement to the government dole. The post-civil war decision to not pay immediate restitution to freed slaves was perhaps the worst decision ever made. The last thing southern democrats wanted to do, after losing the war, was to give up an acre of land to each family. Instead, democrats engineered a plan for ALL Americans to pay reparations through welfare, albeit indirectly. Blacks forgot who shackled their wrist, and put their trust in white democrats who promised government programs. Really brilliant if you ask me. Why pay for your mistake when you can get everyone else to pay.

      1. Daniel

        Hi Max,

        One episode that sums up your whole post that I saw Steve King- IOWA railing on again in the House yesterday: The Pigford Black farmers settlement scam. REPERATIONS by half black Obama and his racist DOJ with help from Vilsack at the dept of Agriculture.

        1. Max

          That is interesting. I just googled a Christian Science Monitor report to learn more. It appears (then) senator Obama sponsored the bill, which then cleared the democrat controlled congress for Obama’s signature in 2010.

          After reading through it, I can see no justice, as it purports, as it amounts to 1.15 billion in backdoor reparations.

          Using the same logic that went into this bill, every african american family that was denied a home loan during the same time period (1983-87) should be paid damages. (Oh but wait. Fannie and Freddie fixed that… and we know where all those bad loans got us.)

  3. Max

    Agreed. This was nothing more than a campaign stop. He is banking on a majority of Puerto Ricans voting for statehood so he can snare the vast majority of poor Puerto Ricans to vote democrat, bought with welfare programs.
    He said as much, “My administration will stand by you!”

    Hopefully the majority of Puerto Ricans are smarter than that. Once they accept welfare as payment for their souls, they are doomed to “equalized poverty” forever.