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Cutting the Card – Debt Ceiling Debate

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  1. Alice,

    You understand the problem as do I, but far too many of the electorate haven’t a clue what the debt debate is all about. They listen to sound bites and the warnings from their favorite political pundits and base their opinions on what they hear; and as we both know what they often hear is a gross misrepresentation of fact intended to support a political agenda.

    Until we can get the attention of the average voter, pull them away from “Dancing with the Stars or ESPN, we’ll continue down the road to catastrophe. Unfortunately, I suspect that the majority will not awaken until the crisis is so severe that it will be impossible to repair.

    • Agreed, we’re allowing ourselves to be Info-tained into slavery!

      I think a vast majority of voters, those who bother to get out and exercise that liberty, either:
      a) trust their chosen punditry source to accurately inform them (which is one of the reasons we’re in the state we’re in); or,
      b) too overwhelmed to contemplate the entirety of our situation, thus they tune it all out, seeking the mind-numbing fake drama of un-reality tv or other such drivel.
      When we can get so irate or emotionally invested in a football team (though I do love football) or ‘housewives’ show, or other such disconnection, rather than finding out the truth about those who would lead us, then we’ve got some serious, serious work ahead of us, my friend.
      Keep fighting the good fight. We are the legacy of our founders, it’s our responsibility to maintain and defend that legacy for our children.