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George Bush Takes High Road on Obama’s Attempt to Politicize Osama’s Death

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  1. How about something a little more truthful, he didn’t go because of his ALLIANCE with the BinLaden family, the Bush’s have been in bed with them for years, he showed the world his true colors when he declined to go & his colors aren’t red/white/& blue either….

  2. Or better yet, W. doesn’t give a crap anymore. He has publicly stated he has no interest in politics. His lack of intellect is so obvious that his disappearnce is no surprise.

  3. What a pile of crap. Obma is doing his best to improve this country, now wether you agree with his policy or not, you should have the decency to admit that. But, you go out of your way to make a national concern that can unite the country into a political issue against obama. What a shame!! Please don’t call yourself an American.

    • If $4 gas, a collapsing economy, 9% unemployment and starting a 3rd war in Libya is his best .. not sure why you are defending Obama. Obama sullied the images of thousands of dead Americans by trying to create a 9-11 memorial event in May. the author is right, this was a campaign stop, an attempt to gain artificial warm fuzzy points. Obama cares about nothing but being re-elected. I have lost faith that he will accomplish anything of note. It’s time for him to go.

      • David,
        You are correct. Obama is doing a lot of things, just all wrong. He is focused on getting re-elected, appeasing his ACLU/Union/NWO/UN masters while pretending to be a friend of the worker. His image is crumbling and he needed this whole ground-zero “I’m as awesome as Bush” event to fix his numbers. It didn’t happen. Unlike AAA, I don’t have to make that up. His poll numbers – still suck and will look even worse in two weeks.

  4. I don’t understand why you think it is honorable for GW to back out of a very emotional time in America? President Obama wanted to give him his kudos for starting the hunt for Bin Ladin and show bi-partisanship. George decided to stay home. Not a big surprise since he took more vacation days than any other president ever while the country went to heck. Yes, Elizabeth I’m one of the godless minions per your account. I’ll pray for you when I’m in church this Sunday-I’ll pray for enlightenment for you!

  5. You as always are one step (or maybe two) ahead of me. Good article. President Bush saw through Obumas attempt to use him to glorify himself. God is not mocked and I wait with anticipation on the “showstopper” He will unleash against this Godless person and his minions. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I was sitting here teary-eyed while watching the bull-horn speech again.

      I am not a step ahead of you, I am right beside you, I just have a bull horn.