Gaddafi: What is his State of Mind Tonight Now that Bin Laden is Dead?

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  • It looks like Gaddafi is more concern about where his next outfit is coming from!!

  • I don’t think psychology works on Gaddafi

  • Excuse me, but the question assumes that Muammar Gaddafhi has a mind! For me, based upon appearance and past performance a ‘reasonable’ sceintific case could be made for old Mo being representative of the all too evasive “missing link”.

    He and Libya became the modern version of the UN’s bastard child in1949, when the UN General Assembly passed a resolution stating that Libya should become independent . This, after a history of that nation having been subjected to invasion and control over the years by the Greeks and Romans and Carthaginians and the Ottoman Turks etcetera. Mo came to power as all tyrants do by leading a revolt against the incumbent power and taking over. He did Obama one better and abolished the Libyan constitution right away. He actually holds no formal or official title other than “Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution”, a monnicker somewhat reminiscent of “The One”, another unofficial title we’ve come to adore from our version of a facelifted, missing link “bastard child”! Mo’s Revolutionary Control Council established the motto of “freedom, socialism, and unity”. Obama, not being as open to describe his ‘control’ goals has begat a policy of precisely that and you’ll note the contradiction in terms that both tyrants know the spongey-brained listening to them will miss…, “freedom” and “socialism” as brother and sister goals co-existing together. Give me a break!

    In April of 1986 Reagan having had enough of this clown made a TV address to the American people two hours after having ordered an attack on him. He was reacting to the the bombing of La Belle discoteque in West Berlin 10 days earlier. He said : “When our citizens are attacked or abused anywhere in the world on the direct orders of hostile regimes, we will respond so long as I’m in this office.”

    Mo and Libya were only minor carbuncles on the world’s butt until the PanAm103 incident of terrorist retaliation over Scotland in 1988. And four years later the stepfather parent of Libya, the UN, in the form of it’s surrogate baby-sitter, the General Assembly, passed resolutions imposing their world-famous impotent “sanctions” upon Libya. Mo ignored them until he decided to offer up two stooges to the UN for trial back in ’99, nore than a decade after the fact. Not to worry that some measure of justice would be forthcoming from this modern day League of Nations farce. It wasn’t. For on August 19, 2009, the Libyan intelligence official al-Megrahi convicted and found complicit in those murders was released from Scottish prison on compassionate grounds due to a terminal illness and returned to Libya(1). Since the other stooge had been found not guilty earlier, this sideshow fulfilled one of the UN resolutions. The other had been fulfilled by a political act of contrition and payoff we would call a “slap on the wrist” of the naughty bastard child. The acceptance of responsibility for the actions of its officials and payment of appropriate compensation to the victims’ families. Don’t you love it when politicians say that they accept responsibility. They always say that afterwards when it means nothing. What responsibility did he accept? This irresponsible statement, in any case, made the UN happy and sanctions were lifted and Mo seeking to become innocuous on the world scene was left to his own despotic ways by pledging to rid himself of WMDs.

    And where, pray tell, is mister al-Megrahi who ostensibly had about 3 months to live from prostate cancer and [sarcasm]who broke Scottish judicial hearts[/sarcasm] and got a compassionate release from prison? Living in the Gaddafhi lap of luxury in Libya as far as I was recently able to ascertain(3). It’s not like he was railroaded. He had one appeal fail and a rare second appeal granted by the Scottish courts that was abandoned. Why go through the chance of another appeals trial when your lawyers have worked out a compassionate release deal for you?(4) That bespeaks volumes about justice denied the PanAm 103 victims’ families.

    It wasn’t until earlier this year that the dog-faced boy Gaddafhi was DIRECTLY linked to the Lockerbie, Scotland terrorism incident by ACTUAL TESTIMONY(2). One wonders why the UN didn’t try him at the Hague based on this evidence.

    Unlike O-Bambi, Reagan had the right idea. Swift and certain action in unmistakable retaliation. Despte all the lessons of accumulated history the dangerously naive still deny that there is an inherent evil in man that will ALWAYS have to be dealt with.

    Sorry for drifting far afield here, but I could care less about his “state of mind”. If you want to know about that consider this:
    “Under Gaddafi’s four-decade rule, opposition was crushed, power was concentrated in his hands and the education system used to promote his Third Universal Theory, which sought to steer a course between Islam and Socialism.
    Gaddafi banned political parties and set up a system for direct rule by citizens via town hall committees. Critics say the committees had no power in his centralised, authoritarian state and were mere channels for his personal patronage.”(5)