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A Deeper Look at Dangerous Streamlining Bill S.679 – Chief Scientist of NOAA

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  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    (e) Department of Energy- Section 203(a) of the Department of Energy Organization Act (42 U.S.C. 7133(a)) is amended in the first sentence by striking `Senate;’ and inserting `Senate (except that the Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs of the Department may be appointed by the… President… without the advice and consent of the Senate);

  2. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Thus they have written right into section 3 that within 90 days! this scheme has to be implemented! WHY? because when we throw this Marxist out of office in 2012, by then he will already have planted radicals in every important federal agency in our government ! Barack Hussein Obama has surrounded himself by nothing less than politicial activists (EPA) Communists (Van Jones) , Race-baiting hypocrites that ignore the rule of law (Eric Holder, who refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers because , as he says, they are “his people.”, and Cass Sunstein, who wants to put sterilization drugs into drinking water to limit the population, on and on.

    Wake up people! Call your Senators!

  3. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    This is the text from Section 3 of this Bill that no one seems to see or understand:

    (a) Establishment- There is established the Working Group on Streamlining Paperwork for Executive Nominations (in this section referred to as the `Working Group’).
    (b) Membership-
    (1) COMPOSITION- The Working Group shall be composed of–
    (A) the chairperson who shall be–
    (i) except as provided under clause (ii), the Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel; or
    (ii) a Federal officer designated by the President;
    (B) representatives designated by the President from–
    (i) the Office of Personnel Management;
    (ii) the Office of Government Ethics; and
    (iii) the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and
    (C) individuals appointed by the chairperson of the Working Group who have experience and expertise relating to the Working Group, including–
    (i) individuals from other relevant Federal agencies; and
    (ii) individuals with relevant experience from previous presidential administrations.
    (c) Streamlining of Paperwork Required for Executive Nominations-
    (1) IN GENERAL- Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Working Group shall conduct a study and submit a report on the streamlining of paperwork required for executive nominations to–
    (A) the President;
    (B) the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs of the Senate; and
    (C) the Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate.
    (2) CONSULTATION WITH COMMITTEES OF THE SENATE- In conducting the study under this section, the Working Group shall consult with the chairperson and ranking member of the committees referred to under paragraph (1) (B) and (C).
    (3) CONTENTS-
    (A) IN GENERAL- The report submitted under this section shall include–
    (i) recommendations for the streamlining of paperwork required for executive nominations; and
    (ii) a detailed plan for the creation and implementation of an electronic system for collecting and distributing background information from potential and actual Presidential nominees for positions which require appointment by and with the advice and consent of the Senate
    Barack Obama and his cronies will appoint these people who will then decide if an appointee needs to be checked out, background check etc. The only possible input from the Senate comes from a Democrat-controlled committee, giving these Tyrants carte blanche to flood our system with radicals and assorted anti-Americans like Van Jones as they see fit!

    Wake up people! With Liberal nutcases headed by Harry Reid runnin the U S Senate, Republicans will have exactly ZERO say in who gets appointed! This is a scam! Republicans? READ the DAMN BILL!

    • This is exactly the concern… one person appointing the people who nominate the people, and then no senate approval of the nominees.
      There are those who laugh and ridicule this concern. ‘It’s all junior posts, nothing to worry about’, they say. They’re either blind to the danger, or supporters of the current administration. Those in the second camp are, I assume, ‘hoping’ that after the ‘change’, their socialist utopia will be untouchable, that we’ll never get our country back to liberty. And if this bill goes through, they’re one step closer to that. But they soon forget that the pendulum swings back, and their party/vision won’t be in power forever. Conservatives will again sit in the Oval Office. Will they want a conservative POTUS with this kind of power? I think not.