Allen West Rebukes Obama’s Shift on Israel

By | May 20, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Allen West Rebukes Obama’s Shift on Israel

  1. AnnS

    obama is helping to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in establishing a World Caliphate and/or a neo-Ottoman

    Even though Syria, at the time of obama’s campaign was on the a state sponspored terrorist hit list from our State Department, he sent his foreign advisor, Mitchel, on a pow wow with Assad (in violation of the Logan Act) What happened with his buddies, I am not sure..but probably they weren’t doing enough to destroy Israel: i.e. Gadaffi, Mubarak, and Turkey.

    Now the Egyptians are carrying Nazi signs bringing back crucifixations, burning Churches and forcing Christians our of their homes. And moving big guns into the Sinai.

    When we ever learn that Islam is Hitler’s “Final Solution”; first for the Jews……..?

  2. Brian Preddy

    I can see no justification for President Obama recognising Hamas-led Palestinian state. This goes against all that America stands For:- freedom and the right to live peacefully. Isreal will not be able to live in peace if they have to hand back territory they won in 1967. Isreal must be supported by their ‘allies’ no matter what, but it appears that their allies are turning their backs on them.

    I thought this president was a God-fearing man, who stood up for what is right in the world. Perhaps it is time some people picked up their Bible and read what God says what will happen to those who turn from the people of Isreal. To turn from Isreal is to turn from God.

    1. Tabby

      He’s a Muslim who loves the Muslim Brotherhood above all else.. And a fake president to boot. He was put through school by the Saudis & he hates Christians, Jews & Israel. Fox is guarding the henhouse in short. America’s under foreign control & as the days go by it seems to be following the template of Hitler’s rise to power. Yes we must stand firm with our brethren Israel. It’s existence is God’s greatest sign & proves we are in the last generation Jesus spoke of. God Bless You. :)

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