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House Speaker Unveils New American Energy Initiative

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  1. have you all checked out the $800M loan given to Johnson Controls to build batteries for electric cars. Someone should look into that boondoggle..

  2. Just curious if there’s a link to details on the $500 million solar boondoggle you mention?

    • Solyndra in Calif. 535 million and didnt produce –

      They claim they will pay these Green *loans* back, yet as of the beginning of 2011, records show that hardly ever happens. People are getting millions of dollars in green energy grants and loans, yet so far the rewards and/or payback to the taxpayers has been very very minimal.

      What a smooth way to apply the Socialist wealth redistribution Obama had stated to Joe the Plumber- Give people millions of tax dollars with no punishment for it never getting paid back. Start up a fake company, take millions of dollars in government gauranteed loans, then produce nothing.
      Solyndra was(supposed to be) the epitome of what the government envisioned to be our green tech future.


      Confidence was so high that Solyndra got a $535 million stimulus program loan to build a new factory along I-880 in Fremont.
      Now there is word it will shut down its older plant down the street — 40 employees will be laid off and 150 contract workers won’t be renewed. First of all, the lies about the cost of the products they were going to make, that they told to get the money in the first place, has already been proven to be just that- a lie. Second- When hiring people by race and ethnic origins, instead of actual qualifications, we get incompetence and waste of taxpayer dollars. In a college study done in 2010, it was proven that it now takes 8 government workers to produce the results of just one qualified, dedicated government worker less than 20 years ago. 8 people to do the work of 1 person= epic fail= bankruptcy.
      This is what we get in America today when people want to let the government mandate *diversity* training, over actual job performance and qualifications. That leads to incompetence and dysfunctional agencies within our government that end up costing the taxpayers more than they can afford. It is supposed to be illegal to ask a person their race on a job application today- yet now it is required. It shouldn’t matter what race a person is when applying for any job- it is supposed to be based on a person’s qualifications, period. Now the catch-phrase diversity has turned into nothing more than a than a nice sounding reverse discrimination application. If you don’t believe that, lawsuits for discrimination in hiring are skyrocketing today, and it is simply due to qualified people being passed over for other less experienced/qualified people . It all goes hand in hand with the dumbing down of America.

  3. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Hi Carol,

    You are 100% correct here. Thanks for reminding us about the 2 billion Obama gave Brazil for more drilling in deep water while stopping our own drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The hypocrite in chief showed his true colors once again.

  4. We need to drill here every where we can find oil. Should have been doing it for years. He gave Brazil 2 billion to drill for oil a year or so ago but won’t even allow us to do it here. These oil companies in the Gulf are moving out & going to other countries and they will never come back. We have a complete idiot for a President it seems.