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Garth Brooks to Obama: I’m Shameless

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  1. Ok. I am proud to say that I am a Garth Brooks fan and a supporter of Barrak Obama! He has tried working with the other side to get stuff done. It is the other side that has blocked the work. I did not like Bush but I supported him. That may be the case with Garth Brooks. This is still a great nation. None of our rights have been taken away from us. Those rights can not be taken away from us. Do I believe in idea that our president puts out no. Most yes. But not all! So to bring this to an end why critsise Garth Brooks for supporting our leader. You may not have voted for or even like him but he does deserve respect because of the office for which he holds!

  2. the devil is lurking around every corner waiting to grab hold of a good man.Garth is just another example of this. read your bible.