By | March 4, 2011

  The Supreme court of Florida has ruled today, that Governor Rick Scott is within his authority to deny the federal funds for the high speed rail project from Tampa to Orlando!  The rule of law and the Florida Constitution give our Governor the right to protect the taxpayers from special interest boondoggles exactly like this scheme!

   Thank you Governor Scott for doing what we elected you to do in making the tough choices to reign in spending  and balancing the Florida budget.

    As soon as the court’s decision was announced, Scott telephoned U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood and said Florida was formally rejecting the funds. You can bet your bottom dollar the Feds are not happy with their scheme to try to regain Democratic power in Florida through the use of federal taxpayer funds. That is all this scheme was trying to do and it failed bigtime! Thank you again Governor!

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3 thoughts on “FLORIDA NEWS FLASH!

  1. DJ Redman

    Thank you Diane for sharing your thoughts here at CDN.

    This fact-filled Fl jobs report article on how Gov. Scott is moving Florida forward, flies in the face of the liberals motto that “you can’t run a government like a business.” Our governments handle our tax dollars, hence, anything less than a stoic business-like approach towards protecting the taxpayer’s purse is simply unacceptable. Thank you Governor Scott! We are “Winning the future here in Florida!”

  2. Diane Crouse

    Yes! Thank you Governor Scott: Proof that there are still some intelligent Statesmen in the Government.. God bless you for taking that righteous stand Sir. what a wonderful thing for you people in Florida.

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