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Crony-Capitalism Gone Wild !

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  1. Bet you wouldn’t mind if it was the Koch brothers up there with Scott Walker.

    • Why must the pathetic left try to bash the Koch brothers? By the way they actually pay taxes unlike Obama’s bedpal GE.
      Damn. I thought all you ignorant leftists wanted the evil capitalist companies to pay more taxes so you can suck off of them through welfare and other parasitic programs for the useless misfits of our society. So here is an Obama drone calling for big love for GE’s corporate welfare just because they are in bed with the teleprompter in chief. My how rich that is! Liberal Hypocrites get no pass from me, ever!

  2. This is just another slap in the face to taxpayers. It’s insulting enough that G.E. paid no taxes in the first place but they turn around and get a 3.2 million refund. They can better afford to pay than the average American. This administration is so inept & crooked that nothing they do is even shocking to hear any more.

    • Hi Carol,

      It sure is a slap in the face. Liberals running around saying evil corporations must be taxed more yet here is GE in bed with Obama, so it is supposedly OK for them to not only pay ZERO taxes, but to demand a 3.2 billion dollar refund from the taxpayers. i have yet to hear one LIBRERAL speak up against GE. That shows them to be nothing more than simple hypocrites with an agenda.