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The Laffer Curve of Slavery

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  1. Ranger says:

    We’ve been on the wrong side of the tax curve for a long time. This article does point that fact out. The question that remains is, why? If the far-left wing nutjobs really need to spend, why not go with the economist projections of how to get the most money into the coffers?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Lee,

    Interesting article you have done here.definitely well-researched and well written, IMHO. I had heard the laffer curve mentioned many times yet never fully understood the the built-in inherent controversy of it. Now I do, thanks to your article. I have a quick summary of opinion on two points here:

    1 “Those who seek taxation at the level of the Laffer maximum are progressing toward more perfect slavery for us all, regardless of where each may think we are on that curve.” The word ‘progressing” is key in that sentence. What isn’t mentioned in that form of progressing is that the slavery technically is only thrust upon the working class,while giving more to the moocher class, which brings me to the other observation here.

    2- Inherent in progressivism is the Social Justice fraud.I say this because while Liberals say they want more taxation across the board to better society, I ask them what about the liberal base of the non-producing, non-taxpaying part of society? What will they contribute here? How can that be considered any kind of “Social Justice” when they are stealing from the working class to support more of the parasite class? The laffer curve expresses taxation, while ignoring the fact that almost half of Americans pay no tax. I like your term here Social Justice sophicates.You are kinder than I there, as I call them Fraudsters, Propagandists, Con Artists and Deniers of Reality. Obama and company are pushing for economic failure as you point out. All the Socialist utopian propaganda in the world can’t hide that fact. Good article.