Obama: If Government Mandated Healthcare, They Could Mandate Buying A House [Video]

By | February 1, 2011

In a February 2008 video, Obama makes some interesting comments on mandatory health insurance and real estate.

Notice how the President says that if you forced everyone to buy a house it would not solve the homeless problem.  Well, how does forcing everyone to buy insurance fix the health care cost issue.  Just like Obama said about mandatory housing, “it doesn’t”.

His argument also would support a Supreme Court ruling that made Obamacare unconstitutional.  While slippery slopes aren’t really a legal precedent, the idea that the government can penalize a citizen for not buying something is relevant.  Showing that doing it for one area of commerce could allow it in others may just sway the court to rule as they should.  Obama care must go lest we let Congress take over the rest of our lives.

Chuck Schumer’s comment this week that the judicial branch is not really one of the three branches of government may be the last straw. The Conservative judges on the court already are dissatisfied with Obama’s attempt to dismiss the court’s standing as an equal but separate part of the government.  Schumer just showed that it’s not just Obama, it’s progressives as a whole that find the courts an annoying impediment to their agenda. The push back could come at the cost of Obama’s only real accomplishment in his first term.

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