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Chavez Giving Middle Class Real-Estate to the Poor

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  1. All people should have land and somewhere to live. He has decreased poverty and was held as one of the 100 most influential people in Time magazine in 2005 and 2006. The problem in America is the huge wealth gap. I applaud him for trying to make sure that everyone in Venezuela is taken care of, not just the rich. I believe that most of the propaganda against him is deceptive, as the leaders of America want to keep the gap between the rich and poor, and make it bigger.

  2. A very organized, well written article. This leads me to ask your readers a heavy question: “Why isn’t the Obama administration speaking against these violations of property rights?” How about Hillary Clinton and our State department speaking up about this instead of making false claims against Arizona to the UN?
    This lunatic Chavez and his quest for Socialism in Venezuela, coupled with his well-documented cozy relationship with Iran and it’s dictator, is a dangerous combination when considered it is in South America. That is way too close to the USA for this not to be addressed by our Government. Sanctions are in order. Give them a two-for one sanction package. Sanction Venezuela for its human rights violations, and sanction Mexico for its complicity in the flooding of drugs and illegal immigrants into our country. Money talks. They are hurting their own people and our nation by not helping secure their own border. Sanctions, sanctions sanctions.