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Question Arises: “Is Obama Certifiably Insane?”

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  1. One of my favorite questions RE Obama’s sanity, or lack thereof, is “Is Obama Insane Like Hitler.”
    This question is similar to the od “do you still beat you wife” question in that there is NO right answer, in that:
    1. Hitlers IQ was above approximately 115 to 125. On the other hand Obama’s IQ is approximately 85 (which makes him a genius by african standards–their average IQ is 45).
    2. Hitler actually was a soldier and during WWI he was awarded the iron cross, the highest one the have for enlisted men, for bravery. However, every indication is that Obama is a coward in every sense of the word and would not even have passed basic training even if he were eligible for the draft and as a non-citizen it is my understand that he would have been ineligible any way.
    3. Hitler was literate and wrote many if not all his own speeches. Whereas, while there is evidence that the person calling himself Obama can read, at least when using a teleprompter, but there is NO evidence whatsoever that he can actually construct a sentence in English.
    Further this mans demonstrates a fundamental lack of general knowledge that is a main factor in his very low IQ.
    4. While both Hitler and Obama (or whatever his real name is) have/had Ego’s on the high side of astronomical there is NO evidence that Obama (or whatever his real name is) knows anything about leadership, honesty, freedom or pretty much any subject that a normal High School graduate should be able to demonstrate–again, one of the main reasons for his low IQ.

    However, if you ask is Obama (or whatever his real name is) is “certifiably” insane? the following diagnostic Criteria need to be answered:

    Antisocial personality disorder (formally known as Psychotic)
    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Antisocial personality disorder symptoms may include:
    · Disregard for right and wrong
    · Persistent lying or deceit
    · Using charm or wit to manipulate others
    · Recurring difficulties with the law
    · Repeatedly violating the rights of others
    · Child abuse or neglect
    · Intimidation of others
    · Aggressive or violent behavior
    · Lack of remorse about harming others
    · Impulsive behavior
    · Agitation
    · Poor or abusive relationships
    · Irresponsible work behavior

    The above definitions are from the Moyo Clinic and are consistent with both official, AMA, criteria and general medical opinion.
    Interestingly any first year psychology student who’s had an abnormal psychological class will recognize that Obama (or whatever his real name is) has, over the past four years demonstrated multiple examples of ALL the above symptoms.
    So, as incredible as it may seem, the simple answer to the “…is he insane,” question is, sadly, yes he is “certifiably” insane and, I suspect, most people on The Hill are aware that he is.
    The French were right …and the Russians knows it.

  2. In your conspiracy addled dreams, you right wing nuts. LOLOLOL!