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Obama’s Socialist Endorsements and Support

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  1. A “Manchurian” candidate without a traceable pedigree. They couldn’t have planned for a better scenario. We must not ever let these people win again, nor allow them to shame us into compliance via racial or economic tensions. America played right into their hands, and it seems they knew we would.

    • Obama played it smart. One thing youll see from all the endorsements is that they arent always sure exactly where Obama stood, but were sure enopugh he was Left to support. Obama kept a vague campaign centered around key words but no real policy meat. He said enough to get them on board, but not to convince them he’s one of them and risk losing the mainstream.
      That’s always been their defence to this day, “He’s no Socialist, he hasn’t done enough”
      He’s enacting Socialist policies, but not fast enough for them, so they cry he’s not one of them. He is but dong it slow, the Progressive way, because to instantly nationalize all business without cause would create an instant civil war he’s not ready for, thats why. He is a Socialist, but just not implementing instant Socialism, only piece by piece.

      • I’m always amazed at how things can be seen so differently between to polar agendas. The policies BO has rammed through seemed to have occurred at lightning speed. Those who feel it’s not happened fast enough, have obviously waited for years to groom just the right person.
        A man from obscurity, no pedigree, no papers, and seemingly no experience at running anything! Who would have ever thought it would have been so easy?

        Great article! You certainly do a great deal of work and research to bring things to our attention. We, in turn, must see that this information is forwarded and understood. We may only get one shot at ending this descent into socialism.