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Glenn Beck’s 8-28 Rally: The Wager and the Controversy

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  1. I went to the 9/12 event last year, they had 1500 buses register. Some say over a million. All the hotels were filled with people who drove in. I know for sure more then 300,000 show up. People were showing up to the starting point up to 4 hours after the March started. There were so many people there you could not get to the stages. I could barely hear the speakers at my location. The mall was full, the police where not letting more people onto the mall, so I was on a side street a block over.

    If something does happen, it would be very bad for the country. It will cause a chain reaction across the country. I believe the people who show up for Glenn Beck will be peaceful, unless push by some of groups.

    I am sure Glenn will have security. The Washington Police were great last year with the crowd last year. I think they were surprise by the numbers. I am sure they will do a there best keeping any trouble makers out. The differences between last year and this year they know the numbers that could show up.

  2. I DON’T THINK MUCH OF NAME CALLING – I think it is just a crutch for those with a poor argument of their position. However, Glen Beck refers to HIMSELF as a Rodeo Clown. The rodeo clown distracts the bull and provides an alternative target for the bull to attack. Rodeo clowns often wear clown makeup and provide traditional clowning entertainment for the crowd between rodeo events, often parodying aspects of cowboy culture. Their role is particularly important when a rider has been injured, in which case the rodeo clown interposes himself between the bull and the rider, or uses techniques such as running off at an angle, throwing a hat, or shouting, so that the injured rider can exit the ring.

  3. If it turns violent how can you apportion blame before it even happens – that shows how your mind works.

    I hope there is no violence. 100000 in DC is not that many. 1,000,000 is more like a worthy number – happened for the anti war protests and other importnat events.

    • It has to do with the comments from each of the groups. Read their posts, their forums. Some are openly calling for confrontation while the rally organizers are inviting them to come listen to a non-partisan message on personal and national honor.

      My mind works be reading what other people say. I hope their words are just that, but if they come to the rally seeking violence, I have every confidence that the event attendees will just allow security to handle it.

      My current personal estimate is that between 250,000 and 750,000 will attend. I hope more will come to listen. It’s time to stop listening to those in power and think for ourselves.

      Why don’t you go to the event, then let us know what you think after you’ve heard the message?

      • I did not realize that liberals were the only group capable of violence. Seeing as this is a “nonpartisan event” you certainly are not helping that blatant lie hold water. And you are showing up so you can think for yourself? By listening to one of the most egotistical and self serving faces on television, regardless of party lines? Not to mention a former governor so hell bent on staying in the spotlight that she agrees to anything that draws controversy, and thus, more attention. Of course, no matter the outcome I am sure you will report the media didnt do enough to cover it, or slander it unfairly, or any other number of tired arguments that are shouted every time something like this occurs. Point blank, this will not be a defining moment in our nations history. And before you go on a tear calling me a liberal, I would like to point out I am a tried and true republican, but the insanity Glenn sports has got to come to an end. I would love to believe this is an event to honor our troops and promote country, etc, but ultimately, this will simply end up being a ploy to push Mr. Becks insanely right wing views. This amounts to about as much bs as Michael Moore holding a rally. There is clearly a defined motive other than what this event claims to promote

        • Adam,

          I hope you aren’t as angry as you sound as it was not my intention to put you on the defensive.

          You seem frustrated by Conservative’s new found strength. I don’t agree with everything Beck says, but I am looking forward to supporting our troops, reconsidering the role God plays in my life and finding a way to return honor to a republic that is quickly finding that trait unnecessary. If those are “insane right-wing views” .. you got me.

          I already think for myself and am going to the rally to witness what may be a historic event. I am looking forward to Dr. Alveda King’s (Dr. Martin Luther King’s neice) message. Since you seem so concerned about what I hope to get out of the rally – I am hoping more time is given to guest speakers and less to Beck.

          I know you missed it in the article, but I actually praised Al Sharpton’s march to honor Dr. King’s powerful message when I said that the march is “a worthy cause that will hopefully interact in a positive and peaceful manner with the Restoring Honor event – they are both seeking the same end. I would hope those going for the perspective events, might seek to attend the other if possible.”

          If you are asking me to defend Beck’s commentary or line of thought, I don’t feel that it’s my place to do so. If you are defending those groups that have publicly stated that they want to “crash” a peaceful, non-partisan event .. you have that right and I’ll defend your right to do so.

  4. I just hope the rally is non-violent…

    The good, decent and law abiding people on the right will be unarmed, as the law requires in D.C., I wonder if the LEFT and the Butch and the Black Panthers will feel obligated to observe and uphold the law in our nations Capitol?