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Conservatives – Are We Crazy?

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  1. “While many paint us as wingnuts, right-wing crazies, crazy-cons or what-have-you, it is simply that they are seeing something new, something effective, something angry. The Tea Parties and FreedomWorks, Glen Beck’s and bloggers, marchers and protesters – Conservative activists all.”

    Not really. It’s same ol’, same ‘ol. And yes, every person and organization you’ve mentioned is, in fact, a right-wing nut job. Okay, they Conservative activist nut jobs, I’ll give you that.

    As a liberal, I have no problem with conservatives who don’t try to reach into my uterus while proclaiming that they want as little government interference as possible. I also have no problem with conservatives who don’t try to push their religion on me in a country where State and religion are legally separate. Similarly, I have no problem with conservatives who don’t brag about “the sanctity of life” (before birth, but not after) while supporting gun ownership and death penalty. I do have a problem with conservatives who claim that their goal is “to save civilization.” You do realize that your forefathers were bigoted, racist slave owners? Is that a legacy you want to preserve? Or which part of it do you want to preserve, the wife-owning part? The wife-beating part? The literacy tests before voting? Grandfather clauses? The “manifest destiny” part where you wipe out native peoples? The American exceptionalism part where you think it’s your duty to “spread” civilization when, in fact, you’re destroying hundreds of years of rich native civilizations that have survived for centuries without your “help”?

    As you can see, what you think is something new and effective is, in fact, something old and problematic as ever.

  2. I’m sorry but when you hear house speaker bahner refuse to even consider cutting oil subsidies because cutting a govt welfare program for big bussiness would be a “tax” we have entered the crazy zone. Sincerely a “real” conservative.