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0 thoughts on “Cass Sunstein: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

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  2. Daniel

    As Beck says, he is the most dangerous man in America. Wait I suppoes thats all just a conspiracy theory too, even with hourts of video and college papers that prove this guy is an anit-American Socialist Pimp. He is also very much like a PeeWee Herman/Al Gore dysfunctional child in his mannerisms.

    1. Daniel

      Darn my old fingers and lack of proof reading above lol.

  3. Margaret

    Uh, all the czars need to go.

    Are you kidding? This is absolutely frightening.

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  5. Josph

    If all the above are the truth why is the Congress and Senate remove Cass Sunstein? Is there a petion that people sign to get to step down?

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