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Obama: Keynesian Economics or Cloward-Piven Strategy

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  2. I keep hearing from some conservative talk show hosts who say that the only way to get rid of Obama is to “vote” him out of office and the same for the Socialist Demcrats. That’s fine if we weren’t hanging on by our finger nails, to a twig, on the edge of a cliff, over a bottomless pit. Okay? We’ve never been in this situation. And here our fearless leader gives a award to the very men who came up with the plan the Democrats have been using to crush this nation. He gave it a couple of months ago and the media never let out a peep about it. No, I guess they wouldn’t. Besides, no one would know who they were or what they had done. These two men are alive and well in the country that they made up this horrific plan to destroy. If I could I would like to get these two bastards on the TV and ask them, “How do you like what you’ve done so far?” “Do you think your idea was good or bad for the very country that has given you and your families a better life than you could have had in any other kind of society?” “Do you think that turning America into a smoking ember is a good idea as far as how our nation is the driving force for capitalism in countries who are experiencing prosperity for the first time in their history, and happiness it is bringing to a people who’ve known nothing but suffering all their lives?” “Do you think America deserves to be brought to it’s knees just for the sake of a handful of people who don’t like it when people don’t have to rely on government to take care of them, but rather they take care of themselves?” “How is it that you’ve been able to take care of yourselves all these years without having to rely on the government for everything you need, but rather you provided for your own needs from your own effort?” “Do you think that if the American people found out who you were, and that you were the ones who were responsible for our countries problems economically, things like Freddie/Fannie’s downfall, and the seemingly never ending fulfilling of every need that a human being could have being paid for by those who work every day and pay taxes they really didn’t need to pay, but rather those who had needs could have been taken care of by those people’s own effort, but had it not been for you America would have the most prosperous people of any country in the world, and people got hold of you and hung you from the nearest lamp pole, do you think they would be justified in their judgement of you both?” “Can you imagine how much I hate you two, and all those in the government who follow your plan, and Obama because he is a fraud that no one will touch because he’s Black?”

  3. If you look at what the Democrats have done, and the kinds of changes they have instituted over the past 50+ years, you will see that this is exactly what they are doing. Electing Obama and his extensive experience in being involved with Communist and Muslim terror groups qualifies him to be the man for the job of not President, but the person who could give the Democrat party members like Pelosi and Reid the control over the countries economy and control over America’s people. Already all they had to do was stop issuing drilling and pumping, and construction of pipelines for accessing our oil reserves, resources, permits and we have to bow to Arab price restrictions on the price per barrel and the results at the pump for gasoline. American’s lifestyles are already being altered and maybe for an indefinate time. Only people who have the income, for right now that is, to keep up with the increases of prices of gas, food, insurance, medical, transportation, and housing who are going to be the only ones who will survive longer than the rest of us.

    I hope that if our society begins to collapse that there are those in the military who will take charge over a large a number of soldiers and equipment as they can and assault the Capital buildings and try to capture as many Democrats as they can. They could very easily find out all the secret hiding places the representatives know they can go to be safe, and these military patriots will go there to. If they have to take out some of them who resist then so be it, but that is not the purpose of capturing them. Capturing them can bring the riots to an end because these traitors can order the military who are attacking the civilian population to stand down, and the cops to if there are any left. If they will not join the people who paid their salary for decades then they will be considered the enemy along with Muslim terrorists attacking us. I’ve already informed my local police chief that there will come a time where he will have to choose sides, and it had better be our side, or he will be considered along with those who are attacking this country as defenders of the terrorists.

    I don’t want to see my country fall like this. I do not see this situation as God’s will being done according to His word in the Holy Bible. We are at that time when “powers and principalities” are who is at war with us, His creations, man. And if that is what is going on, then so be it I can understand that more than some idiot like that Communist Obama and the damn Muslims wanting to take over the world. We’ve dealt with that kind of threat before during WWII and Hitler. I will fight for my country and I will not tolerate being considered a “domestic terrorist” in my own country by a bunch of dumb cops who can’t see the forest for the trees. There will be a great defending of this nation. I feel sorry for anyone who gets in the way.

  4. Please read the Cloward and Piven paper. All it discussed was a strategy to bring the Democratice party (the party in power at the time) to pay more attention to the plight of the poor. It did not discuss overthrowing the government or turning the country into a socialist or communist state, as some would have you believe.