Honesty in Health Care Debate

By | March 5, 2010

Reading the stories in the news about health care for the last few weeks, it had become obvious that no one has a grasp on where we really are, what the real problem is or how we should solve it.

The liberal plan has clown car-like reforms in it.  Sure, there are alot of them, but it’s going to explode and be ineffective at best… funny for anyone not living in the U.S.

The Republican plan is trying to do it in small steps.. because they are the minority and can’t get a more aggressive plan passed (don’t forget conservatives did pass the only recent change to health care law – presription drugs for Medicare).

So what are we left with?  A problem that neither party is willing to address.  To put it plainly, they are both.. the parties of “no”.

The liberals are putting their heads in the sand and ignoring the fact that the main problem with our system is that consumers are too insulated from the cost of the product they wish to consume.  When you go to the doctor, you don’t care what he/she is actually charging for the procedure becuase you insurance pays for all but $25.00 of it.

If the consumer had to price-shop providers, then the doctors/hospitals would be forced to find ways to control costs simply to attract customers.

In Obama’s model, we further insulate the consumer from the cost of the product by putting the government into the mix.  How can any sane individual think that by adding an extra layer of complexity, we can reduce cost?

What sane person can think this way?  Perhaps no sane folks, but who said those supporting univeral health care were sane?

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