Obama Hasn't Done Enough Damage Yet. More Coming

By | January 22, 2010

Between the failed stimulus package (8% unemployment?), bailouts for the auto industry (the only one doing well is Ford), hostages in Iran, the fact that Chavez doesn’t like us and now the Russians are gearing up for another cold war…  it’s obvious that Obama hasn’t accomplished nearly enough destruction of the American way-of-life.  That’s ok, he has a plan to complete his scorched-earth style Presidency.

Obama is going to take our financial system to ruin by making the banks so small they can’t compete (which will also kill NYC main industry) and he’s going to allow the treasury’s Making Homes Affordable mortgage modification program to be accessed with far less documentation (isn’t this what got us here?)… so we can have many more secondary defaults that the tax payers have to eat instead of the banks.

This has got to be on purpose.  No one could possibly screw the country into the ground so effectively on accident – other than Carter, wait.. maybe Obama’s just inept.  After then 2010 elections can we impeach him for mental illness or incapacitation?  He’s either inept or a foreign spy.

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