Vladimir Putin

Xi Visits Putin. We Should Be Concerned

  The Chinese, like the countries in the Middle East, are very patient. Unlike America, China plays the long game,…

5 days ago

International Criminal Court Hits Putin With Arrest Warrant

The International Criminal Court (ICC) put forward a warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s arrest Friday for the alleged illegal…

1 week ago

Putin Threatens To Slash Oil Production, Starve European Countries Of Fuel

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that his nation may cut crude oil production in response to the Group of…

4 months ago

Putin Declares Martial Law In Annexed Regions

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared martial law in the annexed territories of Ukraine on Wednesday amid widespread expectations of a…

5 months ago

Putin Offers Natural Gas To Europe Via Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that his country could supply natural gas to Europe through a part of…

6 months ago

Here’s What Elon Musk Allegedly Said About Putin

Technology mogul Elon Musk allegedly spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin around two weeks ago regarding a negotiated end to…

6 months ago


Right out of Dr. Strangelove, Putin is pushing towards a nuclear showdown.

6 months ago

Putin Signals Desperation as Failures in Ukraine Mount

Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear war, calling up reserve troops and perhaps an outright draft as his military…

6 months ago

Putin Threatens To Halt All Energy Exports If West Imposes Price Cap

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday his country will cut off all energy supplies if the U.S. and its allies…

7 months ago

US Slaps Sanctions On Putin’s Alleged Gymnast Girlfriend

The United States Treasury Department announced a new round of sanctions targeting Kremlin-connected elites on Tuesday, including a 39-year old…

8 months ago

Putin Forges Deals In Iran After Biden Blows Middle East Trip

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Tehran on Tuesday for a summit with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in a…

8 months ago

Former UN Prosecutor Urges Arrest Warrant for Putin

A former chief war crimes tribunals prosecutor for the United Nations has called for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir…

12 months ago

Oh, Bother

Vladimir Putin may have gotten himself into a "tight squeeze."

1 year ago

Portrait of Leadership

Putin is showing himself to be a small man while also turning Zelensky into a world hero.

1 year ago

Blood Bath

Stalin reincarnate.

1 year ago