Xi Visits Putin. We Should Be Concerned


The Chinese, like the countries in the Middle East, are very patient. Unlike America, China plays the long game, and its goal is a New World Order and sole domination. This is not a new target. You can see the steps China has taken over the last few decades. Though their economy is not considered solid, China has invested heavily to bolster and leverage the economy of other countries, including the United States. China owns nearly 12% of our National Debt. They have enticed American manufacturers to relocate to China by offering meager employee wages and a favorable tax system. These two elements give the Chinese leverage with the threat of calling in their loans, and the control over our supply chain of essential goods like computer chips and pharmaceuticals is an immensely powerful position for an adversary.

We saw during COVID what the Chinese could do to our manufacturing markets if they slow or stop the distribution of chips. They nearly stopped all automobile and appliance production by not shipping key electrical chips. With over 6.8 Million people dead as a result of Covid, we know the impact China can have on the world by releasing deadly viruses they are creating in their labs. We do not know how they spread the virus, but we can confirm the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic was China.

Twenty years ago, the axis of evil was in the Middle East. It was centralized, but as we saw on 911, its reach was global. The new axis is more international. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are at the epicenter of our threats at home, in the air, and at sea. China and Russia are already nuclear powers, and Iran and North Korea are close. This coalition makes the region from the Middle East to the Pacific extremely volatile, but the entire free world is within missile range for one or all four of these aggressive rogue actors. We went through this scenario years ago with the Soviet Union and Cuba, but we had stronger leaders and a feared military that quelled the threat. Today, we have neither. So, should we be concerned? Absolutely. And it is quite possible, even probable, that President Joe Biden is compromised with Russia and China. He shows no signs of urgency to deal with any of these countries. This apathy should not only concern us but also scare us.

Biden has had opportunities to call out China for its role in spreading the COVID-19 virus and killing over six million worldwide. He has not condemned the human rights violations against the Uighurs. The President allowed a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the Continental United States, gathering information and photographs of our most sensitive military installations before finally shooting it down the Atlantic. He has said nothing about the land bought by China around our military bases, nor is he actively working on getting American companies and manufacturing out of China. We continue to rely on China for electronic chips and many pharmaceuticals, essential to a growing and healthy country. We are at their mercy for uninterrupted supply. And we have seen no effort by Biden to get Russia to the table to negotiate and end the Ukraine conflict. Biden seems satisfied with funneling endless Billions of U.S. tax dollars to Kiiv. Every one of these non-actions fuels the belief that China and Russia control our President.

Chinese balloons and Russia shooting down a $34 Million drone in the Black Sea do not disturb our President. Today, it was reported that Russia intercepted two of our jets over the Black Sea. This aggressive act has to get a stern statement from Biden. We will probably get a quick reference from Karine instead.

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