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‘They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About’: Trump Campaign Manager Addresses Allegations Trump Rally Was Trolled

The Trump campaign rejected a claim alleging that President Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma was trolled by an army of TikTok users. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale denied the allegation in a statement Sunday and attacked the media for pushing the story, according to Politico. “Leftists and online trolls doing a victory lap, thinking they somehow impacted rally ...

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Watch: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Oklahoma – 6/20/20

President Donald Trump holds a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday to kick off the “Great Re-opening” of the country. The president is scheduled to speak at 7:00 p.m. EDT. Live Streams of President Trump’s Rally in Tulsa, OK – 06-20-2020 RSBN Golden State Times Fox News Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for ...

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Tulsa Officials Say Trump’s Saturday Campaign Rally Could Be A ‘Super Spreader’

Tulsa, Oklahoma officials warn that President Donald Trump’s campaign rally scheduled for Saturday will exacerbate a spike in coronavirus cases in the state and the rally venue has sued in an attempt to force the campaign to abide by social distancing guidelines. “It’s the perfect storm of potential over-the-top disease transmission,” Bruce Dart, the executive director of the Tulsa health ...

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No Business Is Safe from the Left’s Ignorance & Envy

The late Darryl Royal once explained the problem with cockroaches, “It’s not what they eat and tote off, it’s what they fall into and mess up.” That pretty much sums up the left’s impact on economics. Recently the most visible example was Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez’ attack on Amazon’s plans for a New York City headquarters. The ignorant but passionate congresswoman opposed ...

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