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Watch: Tomi Lahren slams liberals for being condescending to SEAL’s widow

Tomi Lahren slams liberals for going after SEAL widow

The host of ‘Tomi’ on The Blaze and ‘The Five’ co-host Bob Beckel react on ‘Hannity’ to push back against liberal outrage about the attendance of SEAL Ryan Owens widow being present at president Trump’s address to Congress. While leftist dolts Michael Moore and Bill Maher refer to Carryn Owens as a “prop” or “an F-you”  Tomi spoke up to denounce ...

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In revolt against the media, Trump campaign starts nightly broadcast [video]


Monday night the Trump campaign announced a nightly Facebook Live broadcast event. The broadcasts, titled “Trump Tower Live”, will begin at 6:30pm ET every night with Trump advisors Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims hosting as a lead-up to his 7pm campaign rallies. The show will feature rotating guests in a live format ending with a “Final Thoughts” segment from conservative commentator ...

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Tomi Lahren goes off on Obama

A young woman named Tomi Lahren of San Diego based One America News cable news network had the courage to publicly and forcefully chastize the Fuehrer, Barak Obama, for his support of islamic terrorists that has once again caused the death, on our soil, of unarmed American military personnel. She is rightly outraged that the fuehrer still refuses to acknowledge ...

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