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Delusional: Billionaire Tom Steyer Explains Why He Doesn’t Think Of Himself A Super Wealthy Person

Billionaire Tom Steyer suggested Thursday that he doesn’t think of himself as a wealthy man because his mother is from Minnesota and worked as a school teacher in New York’s public schools. “So let me say this. I know that people describe me as being a rich person, but that isn’t how I think of myself,” Steyer said during a ...

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Tom Steyer Qualifies For October Debate After Hitting 2% In Nevada Poll

Tom Steyer, the billionaire activist, qualified Sunday for the Democratic party debate to be held in Ohio next month. Steyer got over the hump after polling at two percent in Nevada in a poll released by CBS News and YouGov. The Democratic National Committee requires candidates to poll at two percent or greater in four separate polls, and have 130,000 ...

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The Democrats Celebrate Their Hypocrisy Openly

The political Left – from AOC to Pelosi, Schumer to Sanders – have for years insisted that the Republicans and Conservatives are bought and paid for by “big money”; by corporations and the mega-rich. They paint a picture of government being bought in smoky backrooms to the highest bidder. But a squabble between the 2020 General Election Democrat candidates is ...

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Data Show Tom Steyer Is Attempting To Buy His Way Onto Democratic Debate Stage

Billionaire Tom Styer is pulling out all the stops to earn a spot on the next Democratic debate, including spending more cash on social media than every other presidential candidate combined. Steyer spent $1.2 million on Facebook ads between Aug. 4 and Aug. 10, which is more than South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, and ...

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Tom Steyer Dumps Gobs Of Cash On Facebook Ads, Still Can’t Get Trump-Level Attention

Billionaire Tom Steyer is spending more than every other presidential candidate on Facebook advertisements even as he struggles to gain the kind of attention President Donald Trump typically generates. New Facebook data shows that Steyer, a stringent anti-Trump advocate, spent $284,960 from July 14 through July 20 on Facebook ads, a number dwarfing other presidential candidates. He has already dropped $1 ...

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As Pressure Mounts, ‘Fox & Friends’ To Run Another Tom Steyer Pro-Impeachment Ad

A new ad calling for President Trump’s impeachment will air on Fox & Friends Friday and Monday. The group behind the ad, “Need To Impeach,” funded by Billionaire Tom Steyer, is reportedly spending $700,000 to air the 60-second spot during high-viewership segments on Fox & Friends, according to Politico. Steyer’s group is airing the spot on the Fox News show ...

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Tom Steyer Finds A New Villain: Democrats Who Refuse To Move Forward On Impeachment

Billionaire Tom Steyer is taking a break from attacking President Donald Trump and is now blaming congressional Democrats for sitting on their hands while a “lawless president” laughs at them. “For over two years this president has broken the law and nothing happens,” one person can be heard saying in Steyer’s new ad, which aired Thursday night. Other people featured ...

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Tom Steyer’s Need To Impeach Campaign Hits A Big Brick Wall Following Mueller Report

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s mission to oust President Donald Trump hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock after a two-year special counsel investigation failed to find evidence that the president’s campaign team colluded with Russia to take down his Democratic opponent. Steyer has dumped millions of dollars over the course of past year on what many Democrats worried was an ill-fated attempt to ...

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Why Was Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer So Quiet About His Support For The Green New Deal?

Analysts say they are not surprised that billionaire Tom Steyer is staying mum on the Green New Deal given the plan’s recent stumbles Liberal megadonor Steyer is laying low on the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as Democratic presidential hopefuls line up behind the plan Steyer appears to be focusing on impeaching President Donald Trump over championing Ocasio-Cortez’s Green ...

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Billionaire Tom Steyer Hits Pelosi Where It Hurts For Not Moving On Impeachment

Liberal moneyman Tom Steyer is considering targeting California Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district for not going whole hog into the billionaire’s campaign to oust President Donald Trump. Steyer’s Need to Impeach PAC campaign is floating the possibility of going after Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. All three Democrats have consistently dismissed attempts ...

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Is Tom Steyer’s Political Group Sold On Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal?

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s political action group has apparently not fully bought on to the so-called Green New Deal even as other environmental groups jump on board, The New Republic reported Tuesday. NextGen America is among a slew of activist groups, including the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, who did not sign a letter imploring lawmakers take up ...

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Megadonor Tom Steyer Decides Not To Run Against Trump In 2020

Billionaire Tom Steyer announced Wednesday that he will not run against President Donald Trump in 2020, The New York Times reported Wednesday. His decision to bow out ends several months of speculation about the former hedge fund manager’s intentions. He made the announcement during a stop in Des Moines, Iowa, a trip designed to tout his list of “5 rights,” ...

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Steyer Dumps More Cash Into Impeach Movement As Dems Jump On Board

Billionaire Tom Steyer is dumping more money into his campaign to oust President Donald Trump as incoming Democratic lawmakers consider jumping on board the movement to impeach the president. Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to impeach the president, The Daily Beast reported Friday. Some liberal progressive lawmakers are warming to ...

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Tom Steyer Trashed House Republican In Public, and The GOP Lawmaker Threw It Right Back

Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo was deemed a “pretend environmentalist” by Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer, despite sponsoring carbon tax legislation and calling for action on climate change. “I thought that guy was ridiculous. That guy is a pretend environmentalist,” Steyer, a billionaire activist, said while he was at an annual United Nations climate conference in Katowice, Poland. The conference has attracted ...

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