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Sean Penn breaks his silence on controversial “El Chapo” meeting [video]

The actor is speaking out about his secret trip to Mexico to meet notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Mexico recaptured the cartel leader a week ago. Penn made headlines the following day when Rolling Stone published his account of visiting the kingpin in hiding last October. In an interview for this Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” Penn spoke to “CBS ...

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Hollywood Leading Man Leads Federales To El Chapo

So we learn that Sean Penn, probably the biggest big-shot and big mouth in Hollywood, led the Mexican Federales to El Chapo, who then captured and jailed the long-sought drug lord. I hope Mr. Chapo’s gang members reward Mr. Penn accordingly for getting involved where he doesn’t belong. Mr. Penn may learn that real life is somewhat meaner than Hollywood ...

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Broken Celebrities Should Never Become Our Idols

This week my Facebook page and Twitter timeline has been filled with posts of sadness, anger, disappointment and tributes to the late music star, Whitney Houston.  Many spoke of her angelic voice, her tumultuous marriage to pop star Bobby Brown, and her sad struggle with addiction.   For days the news cycle was all Whitney Houston all the time. All ...

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When You Wish Upon a Hollywood Star…

In today’s culture, very few stars shine brighter than the ones in Hollywood, but the light that shines from the stars is generally a sickly shade of liberal, and boy do they just love to radiate from their red carpeted soapbox. Sean Penn can’t seem to open his mouth without spewing some sort of hatred about the right while praising ...

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