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Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Unveiling

Samsung Galaxy S8 unveiling

Samsung held an event Monday during which it unveiled the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. What’s included: Infinity display that curves around edges Home button changed to a soft button eliminating the lost visual area at the bottom of the phone face Initially launching in five colors ‘Bixby’ – intelligent voice-interactive interface Multi-level touch sensitivity Multi-frame image ...

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Samsung has removed the Galaxy Note 7 from the market and here’s why [video]

Samsung has now pulled all Galaxy Note 7’s from shelves and halted production of their newest smartphone. Samsung’s troubles with the Galaxy Note 7 began several weeks ago as the phones began spontaneously combusting and/or exploding in hotels, restaurants and even on airplanes. The electronics manufacturer then issued a recall and replacement program featuring new batteries that were supposed to ...

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Conan O’brien Wades Into The Apple Vs Samsung War (Video)

It looks like Team CoCo might be Team Apple after this video from one of his recent shows. Astute observers will notice that the “British guy in the black shirt” is an allusion to Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive.  What do you think?  Funny, or meh?

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