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Abhorrent Newsweek Cover and Trump’s Real Accomplishments

Donald Trump lazy boy newsweek cover

President Donald Trump’s economy is roaring and the U.S. unemployment rate in July hit a 16-year-low. Across the country, Americans from sea to shining sea are getting off unemployment and back to work. But the destroy Trump hating media plows on to destroy Trump with their lies, false reporting, made up tin foil hat stories to manipulate the population to ...

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Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson: Obama’s Gotta Go

Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson has penned a scathing piece in Newsweek arguing that Obama’s “gotta go.” It won’t be easy for the mainstream press to dismiss Ferguson’s op-ed like they would most others because the messenger happens to be an accomplished historian and can frame America’s decline under Obama in world historical terms. By now, everyone has heard of historian ...

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Newsweek: Hit the Road, Barack

No, it’s not a spoof. Newsweek Magazine’s cover this week is a picture of Barack Obama with the headline “Hit the Road, Barack.” Harvard professor Niall Fergusson writes inside that it’s time for Obama to go and the only path toward American prosperity is through the Republican plan. Left leaning bloggers are out in force today repudiating this article and ...

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I'm Rubber and You're Glue…

I guess when your national publication sells for only a dollar, this is the best you can do. Andrew Sullivan, who claims to have been a conservative yet supports Obama, gay marriage, bailouts, etc., typically only makes headlines when he’s being overly immature or ridiculing Republicans, and this time he’s done both. His latest title, “Why are Obama’s critics so ...

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