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Mountain Biking at 50: To Clip In or Not to Clip In, That is the Question

If you’re more the downhill or trials sort, this probably isn’t a real question for you. You want flat pedals and good hard shoes, but there is no way you’re going to have your shoe “stuck” on the pedals. For cross country riders/racers, it’s not quite as simple a decision. What are Clipless Pedals “Clipping in” refers to clipless pedals ...

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Mountain Biking at 50: Tires, Rims and Tape – Oh My

If you’re new to mountain biking, you’re likely overwhelmed by the myriad of options, upgrades, accessories and more. It’s nearly impossible to figure out what matters and what doesn’t as Youtube influencers pedal their sponsors’ wares and magazines publish articles flattering their advertisers’ goods. Good news. My only sponsor is Conservative Daily News and they receive exactly $0 from bike ...

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If I had Known Then, What I know Now – Mountain Biking at 50

This article is the second in the “Mountain Biking at 50” series. In March, when I bought my current bike, I didn’t want to spend a fortune because I didn’t know if I’d want to ride the same type of trails that I did 30 years ago or do something else. But now, I’m approaching 50 and want to get ...

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My Mountain Biking Restart – At 50

I got into mountain biking when I was in my 20’s, just before I got married. I had the bike, upgraded the bike, traded up to a better bike, upgraded that bike… etc. Then, I got married, my career took off and I had kids – mountain biking became a distant memory. Now. the kids are teenagers, I write for ...

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