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Good News! Kanye West announces run for President

kanye west annoucnes run for president

MTV aired the 2015 Video Music Awards (VMA) and in pure MTV reality TV style, it was full-up on crazy. Why MTV hosts a music video show these days I will never understand. They haven’t showed a music video in … forever. But if tonight’s Video Music Awards were any indication, MTV has a lock on the full-on psycho reality television thing. ...

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Miley Cyrus Dedicates New Song & Video To #Occupiers

One has to ask themselves is this an attempt to stay “relevant” in a world that  she knows nothing about? Will Miley Cyrus’ new song, “It’s A Liberty Walk”, become the new “anthem” of the #Occupiers? Oh, but WAIT! Isn’t Miley Cyrus one of those horrible “1%ers”? Oh yes, it’s different, because she’s in HOLLYWOOD, and that makes her completely ok, ...

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