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Video shows U.S. interceptor destroying ICBM over Pacific Ocean

ICBM mid-range interceptor test

The Pentagon released a video Wednesday showing the point of impact during Tuesday’s ICBM interceptor test proving the United States’ ability to protect itself from intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) attack. The footage shows the launch of an ICBM launched from the Ronald Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands and the ground-based interceptor fired from California’s Vandenberg Air ...

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New North Korean Propaganda Video Shows ICBM Attack on United States

North Korea launches missiles at USA in video

A propaganda video appeared on Sunday’s DPRK Today page that shows North Korean children shooting American soldiers and multiple DPRK ICBM’s targetted at the United States. Most of the video shows small bore rifles and pistols being used in target shooting, but the video gets darker as it continues. The paper targets turn into pictures of U.S. servicemen being and ...

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North Korea to Accelerate Development of Nuclear First-Strike Capability Against U.S.

Head Games - A.F. Branco political cartoon

North Korea’s increasingly suicidal leadership is reportedly accelerating development of a “pre-emptive first strike capability” after reports that the United States is considering increased sanctions and other countermeasures against the communist nation. While calling existing sanctions “heinous and inhumane,” North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations Choe Myong Nam said that they “are not afraid of any action like that” and ...

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Defense Issues Weekly: Arms Control Association nothing more than a leftist propaganda group

Russia continues building up its nuke arsenal Russia continues to steadily build up and modernize its strategic and tactical nuclear arsenal, in line with the stated wishes of Russian leaders and Moscow’s current nuclear doctrine. That doctrine prioritizes nuclear weapons above all others in Russia’s arsenal, makes them the basis of Russia’s security and superpower status, treats the US and ...

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North Korea: Proof that “arms control” has utterly failed

In December, North Korea tested an ICBM which delivered a North Korean satellite to the Earth’s orbit, thus demonstrating the capability to miniaturize payloads and to deliver such payloads to the orbit – and to the US. In February, the North Koreans declared that not only will they not surrender their nuclear arsenal, they’ll actually INCREASE it, and published a ...

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