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North Korea to Accelerate Development of Nuclear First-Strike Capability Against U.S.

North Korea’s increasingly suicidal leadership is reportedly accelerating development of a “pre-emptive first strike capability” after reports that the United States is considering increased sanctions and other countermeasures against the communist nation.

While calling existing sanctions “heinous and inhumane,” North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations Choe Myong Nam said that they “are not afraid of any action like that” and that they would pursue “acceleration” of their nuclear weapon and intercontinental missile development programs – both against U.N. resolutions already in place against Kim Jong-Un’s country.

North Korea has been accelerating its programs for months despite international condemnation.

North Korea recently celebrated its 68th anniversary and leader Kim Jong Un test-fired the country’s latest submarine-based missile, detonated a fifth nuclear bomb, and conducted a rocket-engine test. The world condemned the provocative actions of the defiant nation.

By North_Korea_on_the_globe_(Japan_centered).svg: TUBS derivative work: Cmglee – This file was derived from  North Korea on the globe (Japan centered).svg: , CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

“We strengthen our national defense capability as well as pre-emptive strike capabilities with nuclear forces as a centerpiece,” Choe said.

North Korea has not demonstrated the capability to strike the United States with a missile. But while experts believe that the DPRK does not have the guidance/targeting technology to hit the U.S., it does have the know-how to build the multi-stage rockets required to travel that distance and could test that capability soon.

The longest range missile tested by North Korea to date is the Rodong with a maximum range of about 930 miles (1500 km.)

Choe asserts they could launch a missile attack at the moment Kim Jong-Un orders.

“I can tell you for sure that the inter-continental ballistic rockets of the DPRK will be launched at any time and at any place as decided by our Supreme Leadership,” Choe said

Kim Jong Un’s Strategic Force is not expected to obtain the ability to strike the United States for years. Nuclear ICBM capability is even further away.

North Korea has regularly used inflammatory rhetoric and weapons testing to force the U.S. back to the table in hopes of ending sanctions and getting relief money flowing into the destitute nation.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson avoided any talks with North Korea on Friday saying  “the policy of strategic patience is over” and that military action against the DPRK is “on the table.


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  1. Do we really even know the exact reason(s) why North Korea is tantamount and resolve to antagonize and threaten the USA? Do we really know? NK has been our thorn for decades and while I don’t condone war and civility should be the angle on any such predicament why take out our angst against the whole country? It should be clear right now that the guy in charge is running a dictatorship and is trying to protect is sovereign. I just don’t get it. Something more is going on. To go nuclear is crazy and insane and yet provocation is the order of the day. Now if the guy over there is truly just a monster then its time for monster control!

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