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    Memorial Day 2017

    MEMORIAL DAY 2017 I just read an e-mail from one of my online friends describing how a town in Holland,…

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  • Honoring those who died and Fought for us

    Honoring those who died for us… or are we? A good number of Americans can’t tell you what Memorial Day…

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  • You Will Never Be Forgotten

    A bright and beautiful Tuesday morning, 8:46 am was the moment the world we knew ceased to exist. Sixteen minutes…

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  • His Reputation Precedes Him

    If you attended this “come to Jesus meetin’ “, this is the situation that  precipitated the calling of that emergency meeting. This week a…

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  • Look out, World…It’s Burkha Barbie!

    I can just hear the commercials now: “Hey, Girls!   Are you tired of having to drape a washcloth over your barbie when playing…

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