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Elway or the Highway: Entire Broncos Team to Stand for National Anthem

It appears that the 32 selfish millionaire clowns on the Denver Broncos football team whose focus on protesting against President Trump was more important than showing up to beat a lousy team in Buffalo have received the message loud and clear. The privileged rich football players whose mutiny was headed up by $114.5 million man Von Miller who is paid to ...

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Young Dallas Cowboys Get Their Comeuppance in Denver Massacre

The Dallas Cowboys were picked by many to follow-up on their 13-3 season last year with a berth in the Super Bowl but if Sunday was any indication, they have a long way to go. The resurgent Denver Broncos defense tormented young studs Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott on the way to a 42-17 walloping that will take some time ...

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Sportswriter Suggests Broncos GM John Elway is a Racist for Not Signing Kaepernick

The Colin Kaepernick crusaders have become the ultimate ghouls as they now cross their fingers that an NFL quarterback gets injured so their hero will be sought out as a savior by some desperate team. It’s pretty sick to cheer for someone to blow out a knee to create a job opening but these are not normal people. Having already ...

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Denver Broncos 2017 Preview

The Denver Broncos enter the season with a new head coach but the same very serious problems at the quarterback position. Former Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph assumes the top coaching role after Gary Kubiak retired due to health issues. It’s Joseph’s first head coaching job and General Manager John Elway is hoping that he could be the long-term ...

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Could ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Solve Quarterback Woes for Denver Broncos?

The NFL’s Denver Broncos have run into dire straits when it comes to the quarterback spot. Left without a successor after what remained of Peyton Manning retired and replacement in waiting Brock Osweiler threw a snit and left for Houston, the proud franchise has one of the worst quarterback situations in the entire league. Having drafted lanky project Paxton Lynch ...

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