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School District Pulls Classic Literary Work from Eight Grade Lesson Plans

In yet another step down that long, dark path that if followed to its logical conclusion, will result in mass book burnings in America, a Mississippi school district has yanked an enduring work of literature. Harper Lee’s 1960 classic To Kill a Mockingbird was eliminated from 8th grade English lesson plans because someone might get offended due to the use ...

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College President Grovels Over ‘Racist’ Cotton Centerpieces

In a year of truly ridiculous and mind-boggling regressions to where just about EVERYTHING no matter how innocent, is being interpreted by cultural cleansing zealots as racism, you would have thought that we hit rock bottom over the idiotic Hobby Lobby hullabaloo. An overly sensitive neurotic snowflake came across a decoration in her Texas area location that had a couple ...

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Leftist Fanatics Cover Thomas Jefferson Statue at University He Helped to Found

The deranged left’s campaign to erase all of American history that offends their overly-sensitive petty minds has now begun the crossover from Confederate statues to other figures deemed to be too offensive to tolerate. Vandals defaced a New York statue of Christopher Columbus with a substance that looked like blood this week and now Black Lives Matter activists and other ...

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