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CNN’s Ana Navarro’s Hypocritical Racist Comment On The View and Dem Wealth Hypocrisies

Liberals are great for their hypocrisy and blame others for the way they act or are guilty of. This is one of the rules in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” Actor Robert DeNiro has had women accuse him of being abusive to them and has a current lawsuit against him by a woman claiming he was abusive to her, yet ...

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Trump critic Ana Navarro praises Donald after presser with Nieto [video]

Anna Navarro comments on Trump's visit to Mexico

Just a week ago, NCC commentator Ana Navarro had nothing good to say about Donald Trump, but after his visit to Mexico and the joint presser, Navarro has a far different attitude towards the Donald. Last week Ana told the CNN audience just how terrible she thought Trump was by toeing the CNN “he’s a racist” line: Ana Navarro, a ...

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