Conservative Philosophy

The Conservative Philosophy

Wikipedia holds that Conservatism “is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and opposes rapid change in society.”  The philosophy is held by those that desire to return to core values or tenets. As a segment of American society is pushing for radical change for the nation, Conservatism has become the most popular ideology as citizens hope to prevent socialism from taking hold.

While many would argue that a return to traditional values is “turning back the clock”, I would posit that it is taking a step back from the edge of a high and dangerous cliff and a necessary step back to the concepts of our founding Fathers and great conservatives of past generations.

Here is an excerpt from an earlier post that describes the basic tenets that all types of Conservatives should be able to agree on.

  • They accept “an objective moral order” of “immutable standards by which human conduct should be judged.”
  • Whether they emphasize human rights and freedoms or duties and responsibilities, they unanimously value “the human person” as the center of political and social thought.
  • They oppose liberal attempts to use the State “to enforce ideological patterns on human beings.”
  • They reject the centralized power and direction necessary to the “planning” of society.
  • They join in defense of the Constitution “as originally conceived.”
  • They are devoted to Western civilization and acknowledge the need to defend it against the “messianic” intentions of Communism.

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Conservative Quotes

These are quotes that support the cause.  Some by CDN staff, some not.  Want to suggest additions?  Send them to the editor:

  • Make your case about your candidate. Let your opponents yell their profanities into a cave of echoes – answer without emotion, or not at all. – RM
  • The middle class is a myth, perpetrated to fill the lie of equality by those who seek to rule everyoneWhy do we refer to anyone in America with a “class”? Upper class, middle-class, lower-class? It as if people believe that no one can move between these taxonomies? – RM
  • Complaining that someone is infringing upon your liberties is whining. Doing something about it is American – RM
  • Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. -R. Reagan
  • Two groups of people typically suck: those who think that merit is worthless and those who think that worth is without merit – RM
  • Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty – Ronald Reagan
  • Stay focused, relinquish nothing and remind the bastards in DC that they serve at our pleasure.. and we are not currently pleased -RM
  • I have not yet begun to fight – John Paul Jones
  • Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. – Ben Franklin
    • Be well-armed or be lunch – RM
  • Action without thought is easily countered.  Thought without action requires no counter. – RM
  • Those who choose unity over individual freedom volunteer themselves into slavery. – RM
  • They are devoted to Western civilization and acknowledge the need to defend it against the “messianic” intentions of Communism.
  • Understand why you are fighting as much as who you fight or you shall be made a fool by both – RM
  • If every American does not defend the right to pursue prosperity and obtain property (wealth), we will face a future where no American may do either -RM
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One Comment

  1. When Democrats Didn’t Roam the World- or A history lesson in Self-Reliance.
    Steve Prentice
    Once upon a time in a new fledgling country the citizens could be found having to take care of themselves.
    There was no large charity to do that for them. You procure food, you cook it, you get to eat. It was a simpler time, and not always the best of times- but the strong survived, and the wise prospered, and the kind were heroes to all. Humanity came in two basic forms- those who do for themselves, and those who were entitled by Feudal Birthrights to be given the benefit of others labors, (note- there were very few of these and they were mostly not looked upon kindly).
    So the question is – What changed this? What prompted a civilization of self- starters to become a Hand Out Nation? Industrialization? No that was people working harder for less with more hazards to themselves, but it did provide a routine. Eat when you can, sleep when you can, work as long as you physically could. Again- not the best of times by any of today’s standards.
    The Native tribes in the areas were the first to succumb to a need for handouts after the democratically elected Governing bodies took away their freedoms of lifestyle, choices of Self Government, and the resources with which to do it. Read history carefully- and you will see that the “People of this Nation” did not choose this for themselves. It was deemed a greater good for some others and therefore came to be.
    So what was it that made this turn of fortitude against the basic rights of a person to try to do for themselves?
    I have one theory- Indoor plumbing.
    No- many of today have no visceral knowledge of life without this- but for those who do- the comparisons will bring forth a paradigm of illustration not often shown.
    So back to step one: procure food, cook it, eat it.
    Step two: Work and move substance though your body to nourish as you endeavor to make life better for yourself.
    Step three: Bodily needs are apparent and now you must rid yourself of waste products.
    Step four: Having anticipated this issue, there would be an outhouse somewhere that was built by persons possibly even yourself, and it would have required a sizable amount of effort to create, plus have on hand (no pun intended), the items required to “finish the task”. Or option two which was to enjoy the fresh air of open spaces and all the environment could possibly offer both for and against the completion of this dutiful practice.
    Step five: You have to go there- walk and endure the environment of this establishment, complete your needs and walk back to where you will be working on a project that will ultimately feed you again.
    (For the evening hours there is always the chamber pot available- which will require you to reproduce the physical attributes of step 5 in the morning).
    The only persons not having to follow this routine of life was the ‘Entitled” and there were servants whose roles included taking care of all this for them- not the most sought after position in the system I’m sure. Government positions did not have lofty statements following the job descriptions in these times, and may not really be that different in the big picture of the world as it is seen now.

    Once In-door plumbing became available- many now had the same “privilege” as the Few, and there appears to be a quick succession of other benefits that were thought to be “able to be made readily available to all”.
    Where to start? Well of course- Step One: Have someone else procure you the food without you having to really do anything for it- and this cycle of self- indulgence in now complete.
    So what’s the problem you ask?
    How about that pesky Step Two? Yep- remember that one? Physical WORK so as to remove the unnecessary products from your system. No work means more time to keep trying to find other items to claim as rights.
    Now the Elite few have become the Entitled many.

    And that my friends is a theory on How Democrats came to be.

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