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Homeland Security Committee Chair: US Should ‘Reduce The Flow’ Of Asylum Seekers

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson suggested the one million unvetted, unapproved asylum seekers in the U.S. were a security risk, saying “we don’t even know where these people are.” Johnson joined another Wisconsin Republican Representative Sean Duffy on his “Plaidcast” podcast Tuesday to discuss the border crisis and America’s tremendous backlog of unprocessed asylum claims. Johnson expressed concern that it’s ...

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Moscow Erupts Into Violence Amid Protests, Over 1,000 Arrests

More than 1,000 protesters and several opposition leaders were arrested in Moscow Saturday amid sweeping protests over local elections. Protesters assembled outside Moscow’s mayoral office Saturday to protest the decision to exclude opposition candidates from city council elections set to take place September 8, reports the Associated Press. The protest was organized by prominent opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, who ...

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South Korea Fires 360 Warning Shots, 10 Flares At Russian Bombers: Seoul Officials

South Korea, Japan, Russia and China were involved in an aerial confrontation Tuesday, as Russia allegedly violated South Korean airspace. South Korea says its F-15F and KF-16 jets fired 360 warning shots and deployed 10 flares against a Russian A-50 command aircraft Tuesday after the Russian warplane allegedly violated South Korean airspace. Two Russian Tu-95 bombers and two Chinese H-6 ...

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Sanders Employees Demand $15 Hour. Here’s Why This Strategist Calls That ‘Ridiculous’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s campaign staffers are demanding wages of at least $15 hourly, but a campaign strategist is calling that prospect “ridiculous,” saying productivity would have to be cut to stay within budget. After facing criticism earlier in July, the Vermont senator defended how he compensates his staff, according to the Des Moines Register. “I’m very proud to ...

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Russia Violates Critical Nuclear Treaty, NATO Speaks Out

Vladimir Putin

Russia is not following the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), according to NATO, which has given Moscow until August 2 to return to compliance. The INF bans the production and maintenance of land-based medium and short-range nuclear weapons designed to be housed near an adversary. President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the INF in February amid longstanding ...

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New Kavanaugh Book “Justice On Trial” Tops Charts. Media Silent

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post - Huffington Post

“Justice on Trial,” a new book detailing the events of Justice Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, has been a resounding sales success, but the media refuses coverage. Carrie Severino and Mollie Hemingway’s new book has achieved the #6 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list since its July 9 release, and was the #1 best seller on Amazon before ...

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Obama Officials: Trump Hasn’t Delayed Tubman $20 Bill

President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have not delayed roll-out of the Harriet Tubman $20 bill, say Obama-era officials. Multiple government officials appointed by President Barack Obama, including the current and former director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), have confirmed that Trump has not delayed the roll-out of a $20 bill featuring Tubman’s face, according ...

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Amazon Employees Strike During Huge Sale

Amazon employees are going on strike during Prime Day, the company’s largest annual sale, to protest working conditions, corporate environmental policy and more. Amazon warehouse employees at a 2.3 million square foot fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota, are striking for six hours Monday in an attempt to disrupt Prime Day and make a statement about working conditions, according to CBS ...

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Rabbi Promotes Firearm Ownership For His Congregation

Rabbi Dan Rodkin urged his Boston congregation to consider firearm ownership for the protection of both religious services and the families of the faithful. Rodkin is deeply troubled by increasing anti-Semitism in America and fears that the recent security upgrades at his Shaloh House synagogue may not be enough to ensure safety, he told WBUR “Morning Edition” in an interview ...

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US Cuts Supply Of Parts To Five Chinese Supercomputer Developers

Citing concerns of national security, the United States has restricted the sale of certain technological products to Chinese groups involved in military-related supercomputing. The U.S. Commerce Department has added Sugon, the Wuxi Jiangnan Institute of Computing Technology, Higon, Chengdu Haiguang Integrated Circuit and Chengdu Haiguang Microelectronics Technology to an “Entity List,” preventing them from purchasing certain U.S. products without government ...

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Nearby Star May Support Life

A nearby star may support life on two newly discovered Earth-like planets, according to the journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The two yet unnamed worlds were recently discovered by the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC) orbiting Teegarden’s Star, an old and remarkably stable star located just 12 light years from Earth. Scientists are encouraged by the fact that ...

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The Defense Department Is Researching Hypersonic Capability. Here’s What Experts Had To Say

The Department of Defense is increasing its research in hypersonic offensive and defensive capability, an area the United States has been a “world leader” in for decades, according to a spokeswoman. The DOD plans “to base our hypersonic offensive capability off of air, land and maritime launch platforms,” Elissa Smith, department spokeswoman, told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday. ...

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