The Truth Behind Biden’s ‘Nonpartisan’ Voter Registration Efforts


Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t hiding it. The Biden-Harris team is using taxpayer dollars to advance its progressive cause.

Recently, Harris championed the Biden administration’s plan to pay students to register voters and act as “nonpartisan poll workers.” Once again, the self-proclaimed defenders of our democracy want you to believe they are putting politics aside to focus on pure, untainted civic engagement.

Don’t be fooled. As Harris posted the same day, these “nonpartisan” efforts will be led by people like Vasu Abhiraman, an activist for the Alliance for Justice.

The Alliance for Justice isn’t just left-leaning—it’s within the beating heart of the progressive movement. Their own website states as much, touting their status as “a beacon for the progressive community” advancing the cause by “leading opposition movements against high-profile nominees such as Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh.”

The Alliance for Justice stands as a testament to the intricate, often unseen mechanisms that fuel the progressive movement in the United States. At its core, AFJ is a strategic force aiming to reshape the judiciary on its own ideological terms. Its member groups include such lefty stalwarts as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Abortion Federation, and the Transgender Law Center.

Harris’s praise for Mr. Abhiraman’s work casts a glaring spotlight on the administration’s lack of candor as it relates to “promoting access to voting” pursuant to Executive Order 14019, signed by President Biden in March 2021. Part of that order directs federal agencies to “solicit[] and facilitate[] approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations and state officials to provide voter registration services on agency premises.”

Which “non-partisan” groups are the feds teaming up with to secure democracy? For the most part, we don’t know. The administration continues to assert “presidential communication privilege” over any documents that might shine light on just what they are up to. Such secrecy is cause for concern.

The administration should be honest with the American people about what they are doing. As everybody knows, it costs a lot of money to motivate people to complete the process of voting. But campaign resources are limited and difficult to raise. If you hold the levers of power, and can get away with it, it is far more efficient and effective to offload those costs onto the American taxpayer. For progressives with an authoritarian streak, it’s also probably a thrill to force the Americans who disagree with your agenda to subsidize your efforts to retain the ability to continue to impose it upon them. That is why you will see the Biden-Harris “non-partisans” trawling through dorm rooms, city high-rises, and along the border to identify and motivate new voters. But you’re not going to see them in shooting ranges, evangelical churches, or NASCAR races.

Let’s be clear. The deployment of taxpayer dollars towards what is, in essence, a gigantic get-out-the-vote operation for Democrats demands scrutiny. Campaigns, not the government, should be turning people out to vote. It’s that simple.

But remember, it’s all in the name of democracy, safeguarded by the ironclad shield of presidential privilege. Who needs transparency when you have noble objectives?

Marshal Trigg is a Junior Counsel for Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) and a Daily Caller Election Law Contributor.

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  1. If the erection is just an orchestrated telefarce, then why do we have to do the register-thing, just tell the guy in the PNN control booth what numbers you want on the display and stop bothering the public.

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