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Be Careful Having Biden Go After Iran

As the number of attacks on our military installations and personnel in the Middle East by Iran proxy groups, many, including me, have asked where is the retaliation by the Biden Administration. The number of attacks reached 165 when three of our service people were killed in their barracks at a post called Tower 22. This post is located at the spot where Iraq, Jordan, and Syria meet. There were also as many as 50 who suffered injuries from this drone attack. This drone, which may have come from within Syria, may have escaped detection because it arrived at Tower 22 while the post expected a U.S. drone to return.

This string of attacks since October 7 is but another in a series of missteps by the Biden Administration that includes the debacle exit of our troops from Afghanistan, the billions of dollars given to Ukraine without accountability, and the mixed signals given to our number one ally in the Middle East, Israel. These miscues, which is a kind descriptive, have led to a very low confidence level in our military by Americans.

It is this confidence level that makes me rethink my stance on retaliation. If I thought that this Administration could plan and execute a significant attack on Iran or its proxy nations and be prepared for counterattacks, then I would continue to push for those attacks. I do not think the Biden Administration and our current leadership at the Pentagon can carry out this mission. In the meantime, attacks by Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis will continue, and so will the count.

One of the primary functions of the Federal Government is the safety of its people. We are not safe with Joe Biden in the White House. Whether it is destroying our Southern Border, allowing a Chinese spy balloon to traverse our country while it acquires data on our domestic military bases, or poor policies in the Middle East and Europe, we do not have a President who has our safety as a priority. President Biden and Secretary Lloyd Austin are failing Americans by their incompetence.

The facts get old because they do not change. Biden does nothing to bring about change. He claimed for ten days in January that he was in daily contact with Secretary Austin when the Secretary was AWOL. He was hospitalized but neglected to tell anyone, including the President, where he was, yet Biden claimed to have secure meetings with him every day. Who was the President meeting with daily? One leader is missing, and the other is lying, and we are supposed to have confidence in these men planning an assault on an adversary who has now killed three of our brave soldiers. I now hope that Biden does nothing.

Biden is our Commander in Chief. There should be no question as to whether he called the families of these lost heroes or would be on the tarmac as their flag-draped coffins are returned to their families, but the questions were asked. They were because this President does not always accept the responsibilities of his office. It is newsworthy this week that the President may visit East Palestine, Ohio, more than one year after the train tragedy that changed the town and people forever. Mr. Biden, your words will be hollow, and the people impacted by your performance as President do not need to hear them. They have been hurt enough.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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