The Border Is About Population Replacement And Power

We know the Border Crisis is a purposeful, manufactured situation by the Biden Administration, with the only question being why. The quick answer is always votes, which may be the reason for the long game, but that process will take years to bear fruit. For the illegals to become votes would mean them going through the lengthy legal process to become a citizen or a blanket amnesty be given to the millions of illegal migrants with a pathway to citizenship. The propensity of either of these scenarios is slim, and the Democrats need quicker results. There is one, and it should have been obvious.

Many changes are impacting the demographics of our country and each of the fifty states. The population of Americans has been decreasing for decades as we do not have a birth rate to overcome our death rate. The number of births per woman in 1960 was nearly four and dropped to 1.6 in 2023. The percentage of citizens in America is also falling, and the Democrats have turned to illegal migrants to supplement our decreasing population trend.

The nation’s population is interesting to analyze, but the demographics of each state determine the balance of power in Washington. We have seen the results of change in the last few years as people leave the Blue states of New York and California for the Red states of Florida and Texas. This change resulted in the Blue states losing a Representative and the Red states gaining one each. This will never work for Democrats, so something drastic had to be done, and soon.

One play the Democrats have been working on for years is to give Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood. Since these two areas are predominantly Democrat, the Senate would gain four Democrat Senators, and the House would gain Democrat Representatives based on the population. There is a Representative for every 750,000 residents, with residents being the keyword. Illegals are counted in the census to determine the number of Districts and Representatives. This is where the Southern Border comes into play.

The census count determines the number of Congressional Districts for each state. The National Census is taken every ten years, and the purpose is to get an accurate count of all of the residents of the states, not just the citizens. This distinction is how we loop back to the Border. New York and California will not attract back the people who left for other states. Democrats are not going to convince women in any Blue State to build up the population. So what do Democrats do to run up the count to maintain their power base and possibly grow it? They open up the Southern Border and let 300,000 illegal migrants invade our country every month. They then use NGOs like the Catholic Church to transport these people to predetermined locations and swell the population in the Blue States, thus securing their political power.
There have been 7 million documented crossings and get aways during the Biden Presidency. That is more people than in 34 states and just fewer than Massachusetts. More importantly, those people represent 10 Congressional districts which is music to the Democrats. These people never have to become citizens or vote, they have done their job. They have secured the seats of Jerry Nadler, Alexandria Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and more and that is just what the Democrats wanted. The cost, crime, drugs, and illegal weapons that come with these migrants is what the rest of us get.

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