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How Chinese Illegal Immigrants Get Fast-Tracked To US

A Daily Caller News Foundation reporter described how the Biden administration is fast-tracking Chinese illegal immigrants into the United States Tuesday.

The vetting process for the illegal immigrants from China was drastically reduced from roughly 40 questions to five in April 2023, an email obtained by the DCNF shows. Human smuggling operations have begun coaching Chinese illegal immigrants on how to answer the simplified questions, according to a former law enforcement official who provided the DCNF with the email.

“At the heart of the email are a number of changes to the way that border agents are to vet Chinese illegal immigrants,” DCNF investigative reporter Philip Lenczycki told “Bannon War Room” host Natalie Winters. “They fall into two categories: The first, which is in the email we linked to and which we tweeted out, is that the agents are no longer required to perform what’s called phone downloads, which is when they encounter an illegal and they then take their phone, plug it into a machine, and cross-reference their data against a database containing known terrorist organizations and hostile entities. Secondly, they have taken what was a pre-existing list of approximately 40 questions, what they referred to as an in-depth interview, and they reduced that down to five ‘basic questions’ that they’d ask the Chinese illegal immigrants they encounter.”

According to data released by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 2,045,838 illegal immigrants were encountered in fiscal year 2023, following 2,206,436 encounters in fiscal year 2022 and 1,659,206 in fiscal year 2021.


“What we found is that the questions that are remaining, according to the individual who shared the email with us on the condition of anonymity, fearing U.S. government reprisal, his opinion, as well as an expert’s opinion, is that in effect this has sped up the flow, it has increased the speed at which the agents are processing and admitting Chinese illegal immigrants into the United States,” Lenczycki added. “It has lowered the bar for them to enter.”

The email said that those illegal immigrants who passed the five-question test were to be released into the United States with a “notice to appear” and “order of recognizance.”

“Why would the Biden regime be doing this?” Winters asked.

“We don’t have the exact reason, but the theory is that the number of Chinese illegal immigrants, and just of course, across the board, the number of illegal immigrants, has increased exponentially,” Lenczycki said, noting that many border agents did not speak Chinese and that there were not many linguists available, resulting in the decision to pare down the list to claim the illegal immigrants were “vetted.”

CBP did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

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