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Bad Hair Day

Governor Gavin Newsom should read Larry Elder’s Most recent book “As Goes California”
In an entertaining account of his surprisingly strong run for California governor in the 2021 recall election, bestselling author, commentator, and radio host Larry Elder argues that Democrats have systematically failed our country—especially black Americans. ORDER lARRY’S BOOK HERE!!!

Throughout his years as a popular LA talk radio host, Larry Elder watched California go from bad to worse under a regime of corrupt and ideological liberal management. Rising rates of crime, addiction, homelessness, immigration, and failing schools, skyrocketing energy and housing costs, crushing anti-business regulation, and numerous other problems—all traceable to Democratic policies—made life harder for the average Californian. Then came the COVID lockdowns, school closings, mask and vaccine mandates, the BLM riots, the defund the police movement, and a general breakdown of law and order in San Francisco and LA. People began fleeing the state in droves. In the midst of all this, Governor Gavin Newsom saw fit to drop $12,000 at a trendy French restaurant, sparking outrage throughout the state and leading to demands for a recall. A special election was held, and forty-five candidates jumped in.

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A.F. Branco

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